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Why Medium?

Over the years Pan Trinbago introduced several "innovations" to panorama but in some cases the adage applies: if it ain't broke, don't fix…

Started by Noah

32 on Wednesday
Reply by Glenroy R Joseph


Hi all, What (if any) changes would you all like to see in the panorama. I don't mean regarding the PT executive, or who runs it, or whethe…

Started by Noah

36 on Monday
Reply by Claude Gonzales

Should a category be added in panorama for tuners

They have best banner and stuff in Trinidad so you think aa category should be placed for best tuner and blended band also!

Started by London Gabriel

0 on Monday

Who is the best overall Pan Tuner in Trinidad and Tobage

Dear WST "Members" There has been talk over the the past decades as to who is the best pan tuner in Trinidad and Tobago.Could you make your…

Started by Don Clarke

61 on Monday
Reply by Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho

Well I want to know who the "JUDASSES" in the CIP are because it looks like we are getting CLOSE TO THE OVERTHROW ...

I am hearing so many references to TRAITORS and SHARKS on the "AQUIL SHCIP" (ah had ah TRUMP SLUR moment on that one) that I think it is ti…

Started by Claude Gonzales

3 Dec 9
Reply by Gregory Lindsay


In Multi-Racial Societies like the one that exists in Trinidad and Tobago, PREJUDICE has five (5) tiers. I believe that prejudice has noth…

Started by Russell Providence

19 Dec 8
Reply by Mercer Ramdoo

Sound theories

Jim Bullington reviews a book by musician and political activist David Randall that looks at the role music can play in making social chang…

Started by Pan Times

1 Dec 7
Reply by knolly smith

This is the MOST DIFFICULT posting I have ever tried to PUT UP ON on this forum. And it takes every synapse of MENTAL CONTROL to NOT turn it into an OBSCENE RANT

Over all the years, I have REFRAINED from using OBSCENE LANGUAGE on this forum. And I have avoided attacking anybody personally, because I…

Started by Claude Gonzales

18 Dec 7

Pan back in the dance

Trinidad Newsday ...This all-inclusive fete is scheduled for the Government Campus Plaza on Richmond Street in Port of Spain on February 4,…

Started by Pan Times

2 Dec 7
Reply by Cecil hinkson

Well it is time to give THE CIP the COLD SHOULDER on THIS FORUM. We gave them every opportunity to make their points on this plaform and they FAILED MISERABLY

In December 2017, the CIP only now discovered that KIETH DIAZ has ZERO REGARD for the Pan Trinbago Constitution. When Gregory Lindsay was w…

Started by Claude Gonzales

0 Dec 7


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