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As I watched the video of carnival in Sao Paulo Brazil 2013 I saw that their costumes  are so  much different to those in T&T, no bear breast or nakedness, I found it strange because they are known for nakedness, this made me ask the question why Trini going down the naked road?

These days we hear a lot about "change and evolve" but is anyone paying attention  to the effect it has on our society?

In T&T we have a high murder rate amongst young people, we are known for our money laundering abilities, drug and arms trade. why should we add nudity  at carnival to this list. 

We can do something  about the nudity at carnival, just let the authorities know that  we are against it and ask them to outlaw it.

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we have lost the pagentry that is carnival George Bailey must be turning in his grave when he see what mas turn into now no imigination and no real research  carnival is supposed to be an art form today it is a joke

Actually, they even have bare-breasted women on parade in very skimpy costumes...  In fact, we copied that from them and ironiically, years ago, they sent emissaries on mission here to study the portrayals of our mas styles (pre-bikini-beads-and-feathers)...  





Why copy  them? what we have is just as good.

T&T population 1.341.151 vs Brasil Population  201.032.714

check out link below  / It's happening all over the place.. something may be done  sometime 




I did not see those pics before, that's how I know Brazil carnival, I enjoyed looking at the topless ladies but my grand kids were not with me. T&T doh have to go down that road. 


that road is not the one remember in Trinidad or even with Trinbagonians in Caracas Years ago .... T&T don't need to go down there.. we have national that are proud of what we are, even with much less publicity of our Carnival and pan and don't want to be famous  an the behalf of public nudity ....

Excellent point. My thoughts were the same when I looked at the video. I hope that time can change things since we must remember that gone are the days when Brazil's carnival echoed nudity. Let's hope that Trinidad changes course and reverts to the days of good mas.

I sympathize with your view, Cecil, but since what's happening in Trinidad is part of a much larger trend into total degeneracy, seems to me attempts at prohibition from the top (government) down will not work.

Susan , 

Maybe what we need is those people going back to their roots and realize that their self-esteem is above nudity and  a huge part of the world admire their creativity in their costumes with much less budget than Brazil , Venice , Oruro in Bolivia Or New Orleans 

In truth, Stevenson, I've little hope for humanity. Those who run things, form attitudes on the basis of what gives them money and influence, are more powerful than ever before while we 'ordinary' people are too soon old and too late smart.

Susan if the government say all bear brested women will be arrested they wiil know that it is not acceptable.

But Cecil, dem aint nude, dey have on paint!!


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