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2018 Candidates for Pan Trinbago Elections OFFICES OF THE CENTRAL EXECUTIVE OF PAN TRINBAGO


President Nos. NAME OF CANDIDATE Band Affiliation Info
Team The Pan Patriots 1 DARREN SHEPPARD (outgoing External Relations Officer [ERO]) Fusion Steel  
Team Re-Build 2 BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE Katzenjammers  
Team Progressive & New 3 KEITH BYER    Diatonic  
Team New Times 4 KERON VALENTINE Playboyz  
Independent 5 LAWFORD DUPRES Harvard Harps  
Independent 6 ROBERT AMAR Hummingbirds Pan Groove  
Independent 7 THECLA FORDE-RODRIGUEZ Sound of Music  
Independent 8 VERNON P. MORANCIE Tamana Pioneers  

Vice President Nos. NAME OF CANDIDATE Band Affiliation  
Team Progressive & New 1 AQUIL ARRINDELL San City Steel Symphony  
Team Re-Build 2 CARLON HAREWOOD Potential Symphony  
Team The Pan Patriots 3 KION ROBINSON La Horquetta Pan Groove  
Team New Times 4 PETER KANHAI Harmonites  

Secretary   NAME OF CANDIDATE    
Team The Pan Patriots 1 RICHARD FORTEAU
(outgoing Secretary)
Sound Specialists of Laventille  
Independent 2 CYLLAN FRANKLIN Harmonites  
Team Re-Build 3 DENISE HERNANDEZ Trinidad All Stars  
Team New Times 4 ROBERT HERNANDEZ Highlanders  

Assistant Secretary   NAME OF CANDIDATE    
Team Re-Build 1 LAUREN PIERRE Platinum  
Team New Times 2 MARVIN EDWARD Sangre Grande Cordettes  
Team Progressive & New 3 TRAVIS MULRAINE Tokyo  

Education Officer        
Team Progressive & New 1 KHION DE LAS Diatonic


Team Re-Build 2 MARCUS ASH Silver Stars  
Team New Times 3 MAUREEN CLEMENT Revelation Institute for Performing Education (R.I.P.E.)  
Independent 4 MICHAEL DINCHONG Invaders  

Public Relations Officer        
Team The Pan Patriots 1 MICHAEL L. JOSEPH (outgoing Public Relations Officer) Southern Marines Steelband Foundation  
Team Progressive & New 2 FUAD ABU BAKR Western Stars Philharmonic


Team Re-Build 3 SALISHA JAMES Uptown Fascinators  
Team New Times 4 SANDRA AWAI Invaders  

External Relations Officer        
Team New Times 1 AVIS BRUCE-BROWN Uni-Stars  
Independent 2 BARRY MANNETTE Exodus  
Team Re-Build 3 DANE GULSTON City Sun Valley  
Independent 4 IAN J. CLARKE Sound Specialists of Laventille  

Team New Times 1 FINBAR FLETCHER Desperadoes  
Team Re-Build 2 GERARD MENDEZ City Sun Valley  
Team Progressive & New 3 KERRIANN GORMANDY-WALTERS Blanca 47  
Team The Pan Patriots 4 MALCOLM GORDON Tamana Pioneers  

Trustees (2)        
Team The Pan Patriots 1 TREVOR REID (outgoing Trustee) Sforzata  
Independent 2 ANDY HUSBAND Exodus  
Team Re-Build 3 DARWREN GREENIDGE T&T Prison Service Steel Orchestra  
Independent 4 KEITH PAUL Parry’s Pan School  
Team Re-Build 5 KEITH SIMPSON Tripolians  
Independent 6 OSWALD ALEXANDER Nu Tones  
Team The Pan Patriots 7 PHILLIP BARKER Hatters  
Independent 8 RICHARD GORDON Revelation Institute for Performing Education (R.I.P.E.)  
Team New Times 9 RICHARD SMITH Old Tech  
Independent 10 ROGER THOMAS Moods  
Team New Times 11 ROSS THOMAS Pandemonium  

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Where are the women's names? Pity!

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