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30 Million Debt, votes of no confidence in the executive, but still hoping the members leave them there for another year.

this was sent to my bands e mail address. love to hear your thoughts.

30 Million Debt, votes of no confidence in the executive, but still hoping the members them there for another year.


By Aquil Arrindell



In a few days at our AGM (28th of October), we the members of Pan Trinbago will have ultimate power over the organization. According to the constitution, the membership is the highest decision making body. Although in recent times the constitution has been treated with blatant disregard by the central executive and the south chairman and his executive (by conducting illegal meetings), the CIP would like our brothers and sisters in pan to know that the executive will now have to answer to the owners (band leaders) of the organization for their greed. We the membership have the power to make decisions as we see fit to move our organization forward despite how the executive may feel about it. On the 28th we must let them know who is really in charge.


We all need to think carefully about our current situation. We have to ask ourselves two important questions.

1. Is your band’s situation getting better our worse?

2. How much more (10% annually) can we afford to give to an executive that pays itself to mismanage our money?


Imagine taking all your life savings and opening a parlour. Business is good, so you expand into a grocery. Eventually, you have so much profit that you decide to hire a manger so you don’t have to work anymore. As the owner of the business, you got a report that all of a sudden you are in thirty million dollars’ worth of debt and to make matters worse, you hearing that

1, the manager has been paying himself and his team more than you were aware of, through bonuses and inflated salaries;

2, he has been giving his friend a contract to do financial advising for your business which is also a contributing factor to the 30 million debt and when you ask to see the the advisor’s contract, the manager and his team refuse to show it to you or give you any information.

3, he bought two cars from another friend, illegally, ‘for the business’ and refuses to answer questions about them. In addition, no one knows the whereabouts of the vehicles;

and 4, as the owner of the business, after giving a directive to the manager and his team, they refuse to carry it out, saying that they are in charge and “the tail doesn’t wag the dog”.


If this was your business, would you give this manager another year to run it? If the answer is no, we must fire all of them.


Please note that Pan Trinbago belongs to us, so it is our business. It is your money running Pan Trinbago. Therefore, it is your money that is currently financing our incompetent and dishonest executive that insists on running Pan Trinbago into the ground. The CIP is not asking for you to support us, we are asking you to help yourselves and the organization. Something needs to be done by us all at the AGM.


CIP says, is only love in the house.


Document of Concerned Individuals for Pan  

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Lord have mercy, Aquil. I always have to explain this thing to you and Gregory!!!

The executive IS NOT HOPING the members will keep them there for another year. The executive is going into this meeting FULLY WELL KNOWING that the members WILL KEEP THEM THERE for another year.

You and Gregory are truly like the tail trying to WAG THE BIG DOG when the Minister of Culture, herself, has BLESSED the COMMANDER IN CHIEF with another THREE YEARS OF LEADERSHIP.

Mr claude i tell you already, you playing to much marble pitch with that crystal ball. i will buy a knew one for you. and i tired tell you i am in love with the Dr. if she have to choose between the president and my self , who you think she would choose?

i mean, the president better looking than i am. but i could play pan better that him, so she has not choice but to choose the man with the touch the sticks. lol.  

I believe for now the executive of Pan trinbago only looking at Panorama 2018, after they will deal with whatever or whoever.

"On the 28th we must let them know who is really in charge."

Aquil: I do not have to wait until the 28th (October, 2017) to know who is really in charge. I looked in my CRYSTAL BALL and I saw THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ -- LARGE and IN CHARGE until 2020. All dem bandleaders and pan men who telling you that they on your TEAM go give you a BIG SHOCK on the night of October 28th when they turn tail and start kissing up to KEITH DIAZ.

And where is Gregory Lindsay? Tell him that the WST forumites want him to come on and have a little Q and A session with them. Tell Gregory that I have A-Z plan to remove KIETH DIAZ from office in 90 days!!! But it is a little more complicated than the LOCAL style of politics. It is more akin to the RUSSIAN STYLE of cyber propaganda.

On the 29th of October after KEITH DIAZ lick allyuh up the night before -- allyuh should call me and employ me to implement my A-Z plan. Ah dying to test it out!!!


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