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A little PAN (among other things) on CNN this coming Sunday (June 25th) at 9:00 East Coast Time

"A trip to Trinidad uncovers how the island has turned a history of colonialism and slavery into a non-stop celebration of multicultural food, music and good times."

PARTS UNKNOWN tonight features TRINIDAD. I am sure that we will hear a little bit of PAN PLAYING!!!

Ah hope merrytonestothebone was featured!!!

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But is dem who does finance the PNM and keep them in power. Anyway, if you listen to the dialogue carefully you will know that another BLACK REVOLUTION is coming soon. Ah doh know what they will call this one.

Mi Amigo, if/when war start, ah goin down dea and fight, and ah ain't taking no prisoners, because ah go have to feed Dem. ah go do it "Machiavelli" style ......

The middle class shrinkin/while the ghetto class expandin/so yuh bound to have revolutin

That's how the ruling classes operate in any society mi amigo, they keep the poor and the middle class fighting with each other, so they the RICH could run off with all the f///in money, that's how they maintain control over the citizens of every country, at this present time in Trinida y To'bag'o, especially in Puerto Espana, the country is under a Political and Economic Siege, a Grave Unrest, in other words, the people are angry and restless therefore, a revolution is eminent...

Wey you get dat Boi, where ever the wind blow that's where you'll find them. dem only loyal to who win.


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