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There seem to be some "blow back" over my suggestion that bands roll down the Drag in the panorama preliminaries, the main concern is loss of revenue from the sale of food, drink and Tshirts, one person told me "bar does sell-out" that nite, my question is what is done with the profits from these goods, do the players get a cut, or it just goes into the coffers of the band? Inquiring minds want to know, the steelband has a history of exploiting one another. This is 2017 lets have some perspective here, who is standing up for the player? the most important person.

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Maybe, the players are clueless, they enjoy playing while being played...

Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up (Live)

N-O-B-O-D-Y!!! They still have not been paid for 2017 PANORAMA!!!

Do the player get anything from the business generated in the yard over the season or the profits go to a chosen few. There seem to be a vicious cycle with the steelband, PanTrinbago exploit the band, the band exploit the player when will it end?

Politics and Pan go hand in hand in the Mecca, this is a billion dollar industry where anyone seeking to control its destiny or manage it operations will/should be held accountable and placed under public scrutiny.  The fact that PT uses this 1986 Act of parliament to defraud its membership is more a reflection of pan player’s inability to unite and hold their representatives accountable.  Don’t blame the system, this is entertainment BUSINESS.

Not every musician/entertainer can call themselves a successful business entity like Andy Narell, an independent business man whose financial worth remains a mystery to some in the music industry.

We jammin still, just hold dem and work dem…

The older heads in the Steelbands are the ones that's preventing growth in the Mecca, they have been in the basement so long they stopped dreaming of the penthouse. It's ah bitch when one settles for a dollar, when two is offered doubt and confusion step in

Cecil: One day you will wake up and realize that IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!!

CH, I beg to differ a bit on this one, the reason Y the older heads including myself, are not totally involved anymore with the "BULLSHIT" IS, these so-called arrangers and their Ba dang ban, Ba-dam Ba dang dang, this is from the ole "Dust -bin era, remember Harlem Nightingales, Nob Hill, and Young Sunvallians, by St James Police Barrack jump-in and whaling, whine-in and yelling, this was before the cos-tic soda and biscuit drums, we've been down that road and we blatenly refuse to go back down that road anymore, the young future pan men and women do not know what they're doing, Anthony Williams and I have discus ths time and time again, he said leave them alone, they suppose to know what there doing, he told me to go outside and teach the younger generation who want to learn, he say's they'll come to U then teach them, at this time I'm considering a University of Toronto U.T, offer, to lecture the "Steel Pan" musical instrument with a PhD and Deanship which I WILL except, and I will Publish the "ORACLE" their as well, CH, I'll post U a photo of Harlem Nightingales by the POLICE BARRACK in St James Carnival J'ouvet morning 1937...


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