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Our, S.N.S.E.'s London Privy Council legal team, has advised us that a Privy Council intervention is UN NECESSARY, where we has already won our claim, claim No.CV2014 -00079 S.N.S.E vs. Brian R. Copeland et al, via failure to file a timely defense as ordered by the High Court, Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago on March 26th 20014, also called a Default Judgment, a violation of the rule of Law, and a violation of the International Patent and Copyright TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO LAW of the Copyright Act ( Chapter 82:80), and !7 USCA sec 104 thru 109, and 2 3/4 three quarter months later, obstruction of Justice via a Non Payment and Dismissal, WHERE THE LAW IS CLEAR AND SPECIFIC IN IT'S TERMS AND MANDATORY IN IT'S EXPRESSIONS, (9) of the NOTICE OF APPEARANCE, If so how much do you admit? If you dispute the balance of the claim, you must also file a defense within 28 days of service of the claim on you or, judgment may be entered against you for the whole amount claimed. therefore as a result, of your attempt to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE via that NOLLE AND VOID DISMISSAL, the co;;ateral consiquesces isIS NOW 47.5 billion U.S. dollars, not a cent less n other words we at SNSE ar not taking any prisoners, because we will have to feed them, DO U KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???,

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Copeland doh have 47.5 billion US dollars to pay you -- the whole TT Budget is 53.4 billion TT. You could run the whole of Trinidad for 6 years if Copeland pay you. We could have PAN ON THE ROAD and all kinda ting!!!

Mi Amigo, it's $7.5 billion U.S. dollars, not $47.5,  and you think this is some kind ah joke hum, this is more serious than you think, as S.N.S.E. CEO and Executive Director,  I had transferred  24%,of the Copyright shares to Donald Trump in 1999 via the Library of Congress with a by back clause,and you know him, he'll want his money, as I've already Tweeted the White House,, so let's see WHAT HAPPENS NOW, we at SNSE  caught Manning, Copeland, Regrello,and Clement Imbert,  embezzling $90.9 million US dollars from the country's treasury alleging that they research, created and  invented the Genesis G-pan, which happens to be our SNSE / Williams big tenor pan, the very ones you hear on the "Ivory and Steel Album", using our already Patented and Copyrighted 4ths & 5ths technology, you think that they gonna get away with it, NO WAY.

JJJ, good luck. you'll need it.

THANKS CH, I know we're not gonna get that kind ah money but, we're gonna GET PAID, remember back in the days when police use to run we down beat we then lock we up for disturbing their so call peace, while the Patrick Manning's, Junia Regrello's the Clement Imberts, and the Brian Copeland's use to look do their noses at us calling us ROGUES AND VAGABONDS ??? now they want to CLAIM WE PAN so they could embezzle money from WE COUNTRY, treasury, THEM SO CALLED ACADEMIC SCHOLARS THINK THEY TOO BRIGHT, let we see them get outta this one...


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