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Ah read the PETROTRIN audit report with the HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR RIP OFF but I cannot find a copy of the PAN TRINBAGO audit report anywhere

Ah call Aquil, he doh have a copy! Ah call Gregory, he doh have a copy! Ah call Oswald, he doh have a copy! Now my feeling was that THERE WAS NO AUDIT and there NEVER WILL BE AN AUDIT. But the CIP say that all my news is FAKE NEWS and the audit report coming out soon. And once the report come out KEITH DIAZ going to jail and THEY taking over the office and the big salaries and the PAN PRODUCTION and everything.

Ah bet yuh that come the end of September and NO REPORT man start changing dey story like Donald Trump Jr. Everybody HAVE to defend Doctor Dolly because she controlling the GIMME GIMME!!!

Ah wonder if they have a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT down in the MECCA. Ah dying to read that PAN TRINBAGO audit report and see how much money really disappear!!!

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I doubt that Minister Dolly will mislead pan people, if there was NO audit people would have known. She HAS to maintain a certain degree of integrity.

CH, you wanna bet there's gonna be NO AUDIT ???

JJJ, I don't believe the minister soooo chuppid, to watch big people and lie in they face, we'll soon find out.

Cecil: In defense of DOCTOR DOLLY, she did not REALLY LIE. She was caught up in the moment and said what she would like to see. I keep telling you and you will not accept it -- that her primary agenda was to have a SUCCESSFUL CARNIVAL and a Panorama strike was going to upset her apple-cart.

So she looked at the crisis and decided that with all the talk of corruption she should do an audit after the carnival to correct things. Well, when carnival done -- MAS and BACCHANAL done!!! And everybody gone back to they business at hand. By the time she tell Rowley about that audit, Rowley say yuh cyar do that girl -- bad politics.

So I don't really hold Dr. Dolly at fault -- understanding the politics.

I am not against the woman!!! I would even like to live long enough to see her become the first BLACK FEMALE PRIME MINISTER of Trinidad and Tobago and hope that she takes THE PARTY in a new direction to stop promoting crime and start reducing crime.

But the obvious is the obvious!!! NO AUDIT!!!

Think about this, Cecil. One of the biggest topics on this forum (for years) is "Respect" for the PAN PLAYERS (I have grudgingly decided to stop using the word PAN MAN). Now I do not like the word "respect" in this context because it has become too ghettoized. But you all use it all the time so I will stick with it to make my point.

Everybody on the forum always pushing this PAN PLAYERS ABOVE ALL ELSE representation on the forum -- nobody could disagree with that. So the world knows that is a primary issue.

So how come the MINISTER OF CULTURE could pay the PAN PLAYERS $500 and NOT SEE IT as DISRESPECT for the PAN PLAYERS and she is the BRIGHTEST OF THE BRIGHT. And how could she punish the PAN PLAYERS financially by colluding wiith BIG CROOK KEITH DIAZ to rob them?

The words "POLITICIAN" and "INTEGRITY" do not work very well together. DOLLY knows she committed a crime robbing dem PAN PLAYERS out of their $500.00. And yuh see how quiet the CIP get -- they know it too. Ah doh know why ah making this big deal over $500 when it have real corruption in CLICO and THE TOBAGO BOAT and THE OIL SLICK and THE SANDALS LAND DEAL with more to come. So PAN PLAYERS is small potatoes only discussed on this forum.

Everybody done turn the page on that RIP OFF and gone on to making plans for PANORAMA 2018. Which means that KEITH DIAZ is not stepping down as the politically naive CIP and forum posters wished would happen by simply ASKING HIM TOO. That puts him in office through the PANORAMA 2018 and running for re-election in October 2018 when he will have an EASY WIN.

Someone agreed to the $500 for players somewhere, so we can't blame the minister, I'm one who believes that they should turn the page and concentrate on 2018. Diaz is having a meeting on Tuesday lets hear what he has to say.

"lets hear what he [Diaz] has to say"

This reminds me of the current frustration that I have with the AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA right now!!! Every time I turn on the TV they are telling me what DONALD TRUMP SAY. And NOTHING that TRUMP SAYS has any CARRYOVER VALUE to tomorrow as they conveniently demonstrate by showing video clips of all his contradictions when they want to stir up more bacchanal.

Similarly, everything that KEITH DIAZ says is POLITICAL and meant to keep him in office. The meeting is to discuss PANORAMA 2018 and all Keith Diaz has to say is that the NCC was responsible for the SHORT PAY and that he is going to GUARANTEE that PAN PLAYERS get their $1000 within three months of their 2018 PANORAMA performance ... and he will BUILD A WALL and deport eleven million illegal Mexicans and lower taxes on the middle class and turn the tables on trade with China ... and MAKE STEELBANDS GREAT AGAIN.

And you and the CIP and all the forumites will swallow all that CAMPAIGN RHETORIC and start anticipating the GRAND PANORAMA 2018. Because, let's face it, all the people IN PAN and on this forum really care about is PANORAMA!!! And Dolly and Rowley and Diaz done know that!!!

Mi Amigo, I spoke to TRUMP before he became President, I quote; business in America is CRUEL, it's every man for himself, therefore, everything must be in YOUR BEST INTEREST, if not, you're gonna fail, unquote, so wheeling and dealing is LYING and CHEATING/STEALING, is the only way to survive Mi Amigo, that's how they get RICH...

JJJ: I think that THE CIP should hire you as a POLITICAL CONSULTANT in their struggle to remove KEITH DIAZ from office and start collecting that presidential sum of over FIVE MILLION DOLLARS a year. But you have to put a STIFF CHARGE on them because dem fellahs eh know nothing about politics. Why yuh eh go to the meeting tonight and come back and give us ah report, man. Ah dying to hear how KEITH DIAZ  run the con on dem PAN PLAYERS tonight.

NO THANK U Mi Amigo, I'm not into POLITRICKS, because a liar is a thief, like PANDAY, MANNING, CALDER HART the CLICO deal, E-Teck and Tech No Pan and the G- and PHI pan, with BRIAN ,COPELAND, DOLLY, DIAZ, Panorama money, and ROWLEY with the Brian Lara Stadium, the TOBAGO Ferry, and now the Petrotrin fiasco, where thieves are killers as well, NO THANK U, I pass...

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