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Trinidad All Stars

Silvers Stars

Phase II Pan Groove

Renegades Steel Orchestra

Supernovas Steel Orchestra

Skiffle Steel Orchestra

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra

Exodus Steel Orchestra

Birdsong Steel Orchestra

Invaders Steel Orchestra


Arima Angel Harps

Steel XPlosion

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Well, I have been on this forum for a number of years and seldom does ONE appear (one as in BIG SID) who comes on and is able to MIX the ACADEMIC with the consciousness of the "ole nigga culture" as effortlessly as you are able to do.

The unique nature of your expression is sure to create misinterpretation -- I am not surprised by that.

One another note, I saw you hint at a topic that I have been pondering on very recently and you started to shine a light on my darkness. So you could you send me an email at realtyeyes@hotmail.com and I will elaborate.

Big Sid I did misquote you my apologies.


Apology graciously accepted. Wasn't that big a deal anyhow...

I'm glad you were not attempting to make mischief...

- Big Sid

No recording of Tropical Angel Harps...what a sad day...your loss... although we were not considered "worthy " of a recording. ..this has not dampen our passion for excellence....


This is the best I can do Emma. Recording but NO VIDEO!

Hi Emma

WST spoke to A. Lovell - he is very disappointed in not capturing Tropical Angel Harps off of the internet. He told us "Unfortunately the feed cut out on a few bands and Tropical was one of them. I didn't get Fonclaire, Starlift or Nightingales either."

CTV surely has the footage but they have chosen to not put it on the internet.

Thanks for the posts.  Pan real sweet.


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