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I remember that performance. I think she put in a variation in "gospel" cadence. Quite impressive. Did she win in medium-band category that year? I forget.
- Big Sid

Yes she did. Another band tied with her, Katzenjammers, I think. A cadence, yes; gospel I question.


U r right. Not gospel cadence, but "Old Negro Spiritual" or something ... I'll have to look for the video. Maybe it was New Orleans-style second line...

What is interesting is that no one said anything about the "first woman arranger" to win a title. That's a social commentary in itself.

- Big Sid

Valley Harps - Do Something For Pan


Thanks for the upload.

Michelle Huggins-Watts is a beautiful sister that knows her music. That cadence passage I think was inspired by New Orleans "second line". It's the brass music played at funerals. They go in playing a slow dirge and come out playing with a happy rhythm. Check out this example:


I lived for a while in New Orleans. They have deep connections to Caribbean culture, particularly Haiti and Havana. Sometimes they say that New Orleans is the northern-most Caribbean city in its culture.

They have some beautiful belles -- not just physically but with a certain joie-de-vivre and a certain manner -- a lot like some of our Port of Spain beauties of a certain cultured class that we used to have in abundance and still do to some extent.

- Big Sid


I remember the last Olympics when the boy from South Africa won the 400m. He collapsed after crossing the finish line. He didn't leave anything on the  track. That's what it took to set some stupendous new record in the event. He didn't leave anything on the track.

I think panorama arranging, and performing, is similar. You can't hold back (unless it is artistic restraint for greater artistic effect). Therein lies the challenge for women. The issue is not talent, ability, or creativity, it is giving free rein to it. The female arranger has to worry about remaining, or appearing to remain, "lady-like". 

By contrast, Boogsie could collapse after a performance, like the afore-mentioned South African quarter-miler. No problem. And Bradley could "get on" in front the band, no problem, as he did for "Stranger":


Let's face it, it's harder for a woman. 

- Big Sid

Stop it S.F Thomas...please!!...Stop it!!...

Big Sid, them women go take a "tun" in yuh Backside for saying they lack the "ability and creativity"

Serena Williams could lick-up about 80-90% of her male counterparts I'm sure..


"...for saying they lack the "ability and creativity"

I can get in plenty enough trouble all by myself without you putting those words in my mouth ...

What I said was, and I quote, "it's harder for a woman...".

- Big Sid

Totally beside the point but the reality is more that Serena Williams is unlikely to beat the #100 ranked man in Tennis.

Fascinating discussion -- BIG SID!!!


I'm glad you like it.

I only hope, the women do not misconstrue what I've said and "take a tu'n in my backside"...

I have nuff respect for women ... and the furies they know well how to unleash when provoked...

So I do not seek to provoke, rather to have a honest discussion unaffected by whatever the latest trends in political correctness. Our pan elders would not want it any other way.

- Big Sid


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