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Another Look at the Finals Performances of Panorama 2017

Panorama 2017

Trinidad All Stars





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Tropical Angel Harps

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Please post more of WACK's videos if possible the Ctv videos and audio are so bad....

Here is a link to Kenny's "tease" of the first medium band. This is a sample of what will be on the DVD and thumb drives that will be available on Ash Wednesday. https://youtu.be/_--pewNVQdY

I say get rid of the Medium band category and go with only large and small. And listen to this pan jumbie reasoning.! Pan Elders are again the outright champions for a fourth time and have no intentions of going large because the whole of T&T knows very well that the judges will always favor the likes of All Stars,Despers and Renegades and after speaking to a lot of veteran south pan players that have migrated to north bands they are saying that if they eliminate the Medium category they will go back to the likes of Hatters and Tornadoes and ever help try to bring back former south  powerhouse.Antillean All Stars,Motown and Silverstones. I am telling you guys here that I was shocked by the number of south and central pan players in north. Every one of these south/central players I spoke to are very impressed with Pan Elders total dominance in the medium and most of them said that the travelling is a major headache and they will gladly go back to the south bands if changes are made to the category format.Also I am friendly with Milton Wire Austin the manager of Fonclaire and he is finally venting his frustration with the judging of both Fonclaire in the semis and Skiffle low placing in the finals.Also I personally think Fonclaire will do better playing the more popular soca tunes as opposed to an own tune.Let's face it Fonclaire is one of the funkiest soul bands in the mecca and they have to go back to that styling of the  80's. Another talk is that south bands may just total abstrain from Pan Trinbago and do their own thing down south. Trust me there is a lot of talk about that and a lot of foreign based south business people are willing to support the move.Now that the 2017 season is over the battle royal will get started and it will be interesting to see the outcome. If the present Pan Trinbago board stays you will see some big fall out in pan in the mecca.Also Duvone Stewart is having better success with Pan Elders than Renegades. So if Pan Elders are forced to move to the large you go figure his choice.Curepe Scherzando, Buccaneers,Katzanjammers and Valley Harps all have big band potentials.Sit back and listen to the Medium bands 2017 performances one more time. Ah like !            

Renegades won the Panorama. Punto Final.

Gerard: Yuh really think RENEGADES won? I doh know nothing about no PAN MUSIC; I am a CALYPSO LOVER. But I came to ONE CONLCUSION about DUVONE STEWART and his PAN MUSIC and that is he INTERNALIZES his arrangements and does not PROJECT IT to the audience. And music, as far as I know, is about REACHING THE AUDIENCE.

van que revisa tus oídos

Mr. Nunes: Upon your advice, I went to the DOCTOR and checked out my ears and he told me that I was TONE DEAF!!! But that still does not explain why RENEGADES have finished THIRD for FIVE YEARS in a row. Clearly, something is keeping them TWO NOTCHES down from Victory.

Personally, I would like to see Duvone win a Panorama!!! So maybe when you have your post-panorama meeting one of the issues might be how to project the music to reach the judges because I know that you guys are PLAYING TO WIN and have to be frustrated with the FIXED POSITIONING.

Looks like I projected my message quite clearly. Please encourage the judges to visit your doctor.

Claude, clearly the judges will have to "PUT" Duvonne first for he and Renegades to win...

NOW we talking the same language, merrytonestothebone. Don't retire and leave that steelband alone they will atrophy without your sense of humour!!!

On a calypso note, I have a question. I eh live in Trinidad so long that I don't know north from south or slang from wordsmith. But that line from MX PRIME "like morning dew fresh on the scene" is that origin or common usage?

I can't say...but it is indeed creative...I'm not familiar with it in day-to-day parlance...


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