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Aquil: Ah have ah story to tell you, boy. A little fantasy mixed with a drop of reality ...

Man, nobody did not even know that KIM JONG UN does read THIS FORUM although I did hear that he like PAN MUSIC. But next thing I know is the man send an emissary to knock on my door. So there I am standing at the door and wondering what I have to do with NORTH KOREA.

But KIM (the emissary say I could call him KIM) came on THE FORUM one night and he read about my CRYSTAL BALL and now he want to borrow it so that he could see exactly what TRUMP will be doing in the near future. Specifically, he wants to see if any NUCLEAR BOMBS will be dropped on THE HERMIT KINGDOM. And he said  that  the  level  of  accuracy  the   CRYSTAL BALL   displayed   in  the KEITH-DIAZ-until- 2020 prediction -- he has more faith in the CRYSTAL BALL than me. So could I lend it to him for a month or two.

As a US CITIZEN I am worried about being charged for TREASON if I lend this CRYSTAL BALL to an ENEMY OF THE STATE. At the same time I want to test the GLOBAL LIMITS of this MAGICAL BALL.

The law of unintended consequences have me in a big PATRIOTIC BIND right now!!!

But the one thing I know for sure is that that CRYSTAL BALL working like a MOTHER!!!


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