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AQUIL: All these diverse topics on the FORUM and all you want to talk about is the CIP -- C'mmon Man!!!

Aquil: I love you like a brother. More than I love Cecil and Bugs. But C'mmon Man, you can't just use the forum to present the CIP AGENDA. Yuh from South!!! Post ah SOUTH BAND VIDEO or something. Post your favourite CALYPSO or something. Post a steelband playing a tune or something.


Aquil: Let me tell you a secret. Guess who is the LEAST LOVING PAN AFICIONADO on this forum?

Yuh is ah BIG LEADER in the CIP -- send some CIP MEN to post some topics, nah. Ah sure yuh think that I am the biggest PAN LOVER in the world. Take a timeout and go and dig up the HISTORICAL RECORD. Yet, I do have hope for the MUSIC so I keep the OLE TALK going. And in my heart I am hoping to ONE DAY hear a piece of PAN MUSIC that I like and has GLOBAL POTENTIAL.

But I will always challenge the WORLD'S GREATEST PAN LOVERS to come on the FORUM and keep the fire burning.

I am a little distressed tonight. Because the ONE NIGHT Trinidad was supposed to get some GLOBAL EXPOSURE (including PAN) -- the MUSLIM TING come and WIPE WE OUT. Like we BLIGHT OR WHAT?

Anyway, send some of your FOOT SOLDIERS to put up some posts and keep the FORUM ALIVE!!!

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I HEAR YOU BRO. I WILL TRY. However i am engulf in my endeavour. I am obsess with positive results and everything else  usually suffers when I am in this mode. It just me. 


Aquil: I want to teach you a little trick!!! You could come and join the OLE TALK AND TING and in the middle of the BACCHANAL you could throw in a line or two of instructive politics or reality chips or specific issues for some subliminal seduction.

Bugs and merrytonestothebone are very good examples.

And don't talk about CECIL with the PAN ON THE ROAD THING LIKE IT WAS BACK IN THE SIXTIES. He could go to have dinner with TRUMP and he will slip that into the conversation!!!

I hear ah talk today that the Big 5 will be Pan Trinbago replacement.that's what people in the Mecca are saying. Ah  just tellin allyuh what ah hear so doh call my name in no commess.

Cecil: That makes perfect sense to me!!! I am sure that Aquil is aware of that (if only subconsciously). I threw that grope at Aquil in a previous post and he saw it for what it was. Yuh eh see their list of consultants.

You run the forum and the commess buck stops with you!!!

Mi Amigo, it will be MORE OF THE SAME...

JJJ: Ah man come on the forum and say that I TOO NEGATIVE. But like you MORE NEGATIVE than me!!!


Mi Amigo, I hope this is not too far over your head, so no offense met and none intended but, I am an Optimistic (electrode time traveler on a journey through time) I have a cheerful view of life and, I deal with truth, principles, and integrity, these so-called political scholars have to much brain or education as I see it, but I have the luxury of the "Intelligence" of knowledge, whereas education and intelligence are strange bedfellows, therefore I reiterate, no offense meant and none intended, I tell it like it is period, it will be more of the same...

JJJ: I have been to the OUTER EDGES of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. Nothing is too far over my head!!!

CH, it will be MORE OF THE SAME...

JJJ, It will not be more of the same, anyone running a pan movement in the Mecca will have to deal with the court of public opinion, why yuh think things are the way they are? it was constant badgering in the forum that made them order the audit, It's not business as usual anymore.

Cecil: Yuh just remind me. I eh badger KEITH DIAZ for about AH MONTH. And after the WARRIORS beat up LEBRON -- BUGS, the BIGGEST BADGERER on the FORUM, disappear and he STOP BADGERING.

Once JJJ see DOCTOR COPELAND NAME the man does go into ah PANIC!!!

mi amigo, I ain't panicking, he's the one who panics when he hears my name, nor am I afraid, I just want his head on a plate, he did the same with "Techno Pan in 2004, in 2005 the G-pan, and later the E-Tech issue, where he Mc Nicols and Fitzwilliams et al embezzle / fleece the proceeds, anything this individual is involved in is total "LARCENY, you thought Diaz and Anim Smith was something, watch what he's about to do ....,


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