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Asami’s killer missing front teeth—pathologist

Trinidad guardian

Forensic Pathologist, Dr Valery Alexandrov, chats with participants in the Ministry of Education’s public lecture series Elizabeth, left and Jemila Forde on Thursday at the Teaching Learning Complex, (TLC) of the University of the West Indies (UWI) St Augustine Campus. PHOTO: AYANNA KINSALE Photo by:AYANNA KINSALE

The person who murdered Japanese steelpan player was left-handed and missing four to six front teeth, according to forensic pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov.


Alexandrov disclosed these details publicly for the first time as he addressed students during the Ministry of Education’s Caribbean Youth Science Forum at the University of the West Indies in St Augustine on Thursday.

He made reference to Asami Nagakiya’s case as he made a plea for closer collaboration with police and pathologists in an effort to solve crimes. Nagakiya’s body, still dressed in her Carnival costume, was found in the Queen’s Park Savannah on Ash Wednesday in 2016. She was strangled to death.

“It (the murder scene) happens to be one mile away from the Forensic Science Centre and they did not call me to the scene. They put the body in the mortuary so by the time I came it was frozen. I would have understood if it were in Tobago,” Alexandrov said as he claimed that the delay and change in surroundings affected his ability to estimate the time of Nagakiya’s death.

Referring to photographs of Nagakiya’s body Alexandrov pointed out to the students how he was able to assist police in building a profile of her killer.

He said the marks of violence to her neck showed that her attacker was left-handed and bite marks on her cheeks showed that the attacker was missing between four to six front teeth.

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The best kept secret in the Mecca.

I have never seen anybody's murder so exploited in my life!!!


I don't think it was wise to make this finding public, after all this time has passed that's all you  could come up with? who ever sat on this info. did it too long, it useless now, the killer fix he mouth and is living quietly somewhere in la la land. This is probably why there are so many unsolved murders. 

Given the fact that 4/6 front teeth were missing, it could quite possibly be a vagrant. Wasnt this info given to the police? Isn't it possible that the police did as much as they usually do?

"as much as they usually do": Steal parts and batteries from the police cars; take bribes; deal drugs; rent guns to criminals; shoot little black boys ... need I go on?

From day one everybody turn this murder into a BIG PAPPY SHOW. And the show still going on!!!

What a shame!!!

No need to go on, we are on the same page.

patrick ramdoo, this is something the doctor would have found out as soon as he saw the body and no doubt he would have informed the police. Why is it only now they made it public? CSI Trini style.

If I understand you correctly, Cecil, I think what you are implying is that the Police have not been conducting their investigation into Asami's killer, tooth and nail.
Am I right?

Peter, the tooth was missing. it seem like there is a high rate of unsolved murders in T&T.


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