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By Samuel Lochan

Prime Minister Keith Rowley recently promised the people of Laventille that the Government would find the money to develop the area and he made further statements about diversification, tourism and pan. He also expressed the opinion that the Panorama competition had outlived its usefulness and some other kind of initiatives were now necessary to maximise the potential of pan, especially in the context of the need for diversification. All this in light of the fact that three steelbands from the Laventille area had been very successful in this year’s Panorama.
Lloyd Best’s plan for pan is extremely relevant in the present context and can address three pressing problems simultaneously: community violence in areas like Laventille, school violence and underachievement, and diversification and export promotion.


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Aquil: I have a feeling that YOU and ME and two assistants could run the CIP and the ISF and Pan Trinbago without NO OTHER HELP. You sit down in South and I sit down in Northern California (we doh need no office -- just two OFFICIAL WEBSITES). And we doh need the whole ALPHABET to accomplish that.

You handle the LOCAL and I handle the INTERNATIONAL and we good to go!!!

Cecil will get vex because he thinks that you and him are the BEST PARDNERS on the forum but he doh know that YOU and ME tighter than ah cork in ah bottle ah Dom Perignon!

Br. Aquil with the little experience I had gardening at home, the first rule of thumb was to CULTIVATE the LAND, then plant the SEED. How do you change the culture in that environment? It requires change from the bottom up.

You don't have to go and plant peas in Tobago, you could start in the PANYARDS  fertilizing the soil with management training, decision making and team building.


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