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BIG 5 CONCERT IN SOUTH: Aquil, I have a proposal for you!!!

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Aquil: I want you to go this BIG 5 CONCERT and come back on the forum and give us a report -- like you did for CONCERT ONE!!! (Just for fun you could hire DR. deLIGHT and have him real nice up the report -- but that is optional.)

Now, here is the deal!!! I am buying THREE TICKETS to the show. One ticket is for you. And the other two tickets should be given to TWO individuals (old/young/male/female/LGBT -- I don't care) just as long as it is two individuals who like PAN MUSIC and cannot quite afford to come up with the $200 TT for the show.

I could either send the $100 US to you directly or I can send it to the BIG 5 HEADQUARTERS. I don't know if they have WILL CALL and dem kinda thing in Trinidad or what kind of contact you may have with the BIG 5 head honchos. So pick the simplest delivery system.

Now, it would be nice if SEVEN PEOPLE from the forum each send you $30 US so you could buy SEVEN MORE TICKETS so you could walk into the event with a WHEN STEEL TALKS POSSE of TEN.

Ah sure that I could get INEZ JOHN from NEW YORK to buy THREE TICKETS also.

We got a deal or what? We have time to work out the details!!!

Mi Amigo, how come you ain't tell we that "Boogse Sharpe " played a Piano/Keyboard in the Big 5 concert, he trying to be another Winnifred Atwell with Pan Am or what ???

i was planning to be there any way, so i don't c why not. i need a body guard these days. lol.  i will see if geogory will come along. the is CIP general. so i think we good.

JJJ: Man living until 85 easy now, yuh know!!! So Boogsie have plenty time left to practice the PIANO and excel. Look ah man 70 YEARS OLD and he just get one ah the biggest jobs in the world with NO EXPERIENCE. And he still planning to re-apply for the job in 2020 when he will be close to 75.

If Boogsie get ah good PIANO TEACHER and he put in some time on the PIANO -- that could be quite exciting.


Mr. Gonzales:
To manifest my sincere admiration of your unparalleled munificence I am willing to accept unconditionally, directly from you, 2 of those 3 tickets which you have so benevolently offered to Mr. Aquil. I see neither need nor reason to burden this gentleman unnecessarily with the arduous task of trying to corral pertinent patrons for this concert.
To elucidate my status (not that you care) I am male, straight, married, and YOUNG And I love PAN MUSIC.
My wife is female, straight, happily married (obviously), and slightly older than me.  She too, is absolutely enthralled with PAN MUSIC.
Now Claudius, because of the austere economic conditions, a direct consequence of this current crippling recession, I must admit, embarrassingly so, that neither of us can afford the price of admission to this wonderful concert in steel being held at the Southern Academy of the Performing Arts and slated for October 5, 2017.
So anticipating your concurrence, I suggest that instead of sending me $66.67 US, simply roundup to an even $80.00US.
(And we go call dat 'George'. Or, in this case, 'Keith").
At your convenience we can hone and resolve any further details.

Doctor deLight: You no longer need to anticipate my concurrence. YOU GOT A DEAL!!! $80.00US!!! We will hone and resolve any further details!!! 

Now, please excuse me as I leave to open my dictionary and check the meaning of "munificence" and "elucidate" and "austere" and "concurrence" -- and I hope that Aquil will make these additions to his vocabulary and find a way to include them in his report!!!

Mi Amigo, it means, very generous,to explain, genuine, and agreeable...

Thank You, Mi Amigo. Dr. deLight like to use ALL DEM BIG WORDS and leave man scrambling to understand what HE WRITE!!!

Mi Amigo, I do not give advise, nor am I a "Psychologist" I do make suggestions therefore, don't U think it's time,you start "Ignoring" these so called academic scholars? they are helpless victims of SCIENTOLOGY...

No! No! No! Mr. JJJ!!!

Doctor DeLight is a REAL ACADEMIC SCHOLAR. This is a REAL SPECIAL SCHOLAR!!! And I am honoured that this "HIGH MAN" would take the time to even give a MINUTE to me.

Ah does be shaking when I try to reply to the man!!!

$80.00US and you think I would begrudge you a minute. Shame on you.
I hope you are able to detect the humour in my responses to you.
J-cubed or Jx3 (as I respectfully refer to him) is certainly entitled to his opinion. A man of his calibre and stratum should give advise, advice.
I am certainly grateful, as are many other forumites I'm sure, for his insightful past commentaries.  He certainly is very informative and as such his knowledge of pan's history should be properly documented. A good example is that I was always of the (erroneous) opinion that Forsyth (Belmont) was the first to amplify pans. He corrected that! (ah giving way meh age. And ah tell yuh ah young.)
Anyhow  RE:– http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/what-a-show-ah-loss-all...
I read what you wrote.
Have you since found what you lost?


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