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This is big news for Cecil. And for me: Somebody is finally talking about MARKETING STEELBAND MUSIC. But they still need a lot of help from the EXPATS and I don't know if they even know that!!!

"It is also the foundation's objective to include bands from across the globe and to MARKET STEELBAND MUSIC ..."


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Thanks Ayesha.

Sometimes I think T&T  stands for Twisty and Twirly. Every little thing tends to end up so twisted and screwed up...

-Big Sid

Ayesha, you and Big Sid have expressed what I've been thinking when I first read the objectives.

Thanks for keep it real...I wanted to blame the author of the article for not probing thoroughly, thinking it a press release for the promotion of the Pan Concert. CIP and XL4PAN did their shows and listed their management teams including their mission statement. We all know players have not been paid for their work. Where is the start-up funding coming from, the sponsors???

International Steelband Foundation

Bringing their bands together under one flag will make it possible to share ideas, bring their skills together and work at making those ideas come to life as a team.

The foundation lunch will be celebrated through the Big 5 – The Pan Concert on July 22

The bands will be presenting a varied repertoire and will include guest artistes as part of their


We do remember these topics recently...Pan Trinbago goes global.

The PAN TRINBAGO crisis is nothing short of DEPRESSING



-Big Sid: I have to copy your choice of words and say that I interrogated my gut over the use of the word "FOUNDATION" for hours last night. So I have to agree with you that no foundation was necessary. They are scheduled to give a PRESS CONFERENCE in the near future; so maybe we will get more clarity then.

Newsday mentioned in an article that they asked BOOGSIE about the "FOUNDATION" and he replied with a "doh ask me nothing" go and ask so and so. All you points are on point.

But given the stagnancy of the PAN MOVEMENT I have to remind myself that more is lost from INACTION than from ACTION. So I am looking forward to the press conference and the musical composition and the first concert.

"Newsday mentioned in an article that they asked BOOGSIE about the "FOUNDATION" and he replied with a "doh ask me nothing" go and ask so and so."

Thanks Claude. Exactly. That kind of reply vindicates my gut, which I have learned over the years to trust...

-Big Sid

so let's call it the DAMN foundation. The Doh Axe Me Notting foundation. TOXIC.

Newsday just like commess, why did they ask Boogsie in the first place? because they knew that was the kinda answer they would get. Newsday has to continue trying to get Mr Mohammed if they really want an answer.

"Before a group can enter the open society, it must first close ranks." Stokely Carmichael 

Good luck to the Big 5 Foundation. This is absolutely fantastic. 


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