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JOAN RAMPERSAD Saturday, July 29 2017

CONFETTI rained on the crowd at the end of the International Steelband Foundation’s (ISF) Big 5 concert featuring the five bands that have won the National Panorama title over the years. The event took place at the Queen’s Park Savannah last Saturday evening.

The show began promptly at 7 pm and maintained a good flow to the end, just under four hours later.

On entering the venue patrons were greeted with three stages, each with a band set up and ready to play.

The bands opened with the ISF Theme Song, composed by Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, then got into their repertoire, each featuring guest performers. 

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It is time for the BIG 5/ISF/LOCALS to wake up and realize "WHEY PAN GONE" -- GLOBALLY. Day by day, more and more, PAN is slowly conquering THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Every morning you wake up and come and read WHEN STEEL TALKS -- is ah NEXT global story on the journey of PAN. So my point is that PAN eh have NOTHING to prove anymore.

That show in the SAVANNAH last Saturday spent THREE out of FOUR hours trying to prove THE VERSATILITY OF THE INSTRUMENT -- and PAN done pass that PROVING stage. So play music that your AUDIENCE could enjoy and stop all this pretentiousness.


Claude, I agree with you. Even though I appreciated the "classics," I really wanted to hear Soca or Calypso play. To be honest, I was hoping one of the groups would play Destra's Lucy. Just kidding, but so much of our artistes' sweet songs from which to choose, and... well, we got what they gave us. Still an enjoyable evening.

Dais not a calypso, Claude.

Claude, as an unofficial (consultant) cheer leading the ISF you should be able to understand what the BIG5 concert was all about, with your background in music production you should be able to be objective in your analysis. “So play music that your AUDIENCE could enjoy and stop all this pretentiousness. I saw people in the audience sitting and rocking to the music, some dancing, some in deep meditation all representative of an audience at a music concert being entertained. Similar type emotions can be found with the VIEWING audiences across the globe in their living rooms.

Targeting a group that’s audience specific should be left to the ad executives, concert promoters and foreign investors.

BIG5 Pan Concert - Party Jamz

Sounds like CALYPSO AND STEELBAND to me!!!!

There are audiences who are attracted to Jazz, Classics, Country and Rock. Diversity!!!

odw: I was really impressed with the work that AQUIL and his PIANO FRIEND did on that recent video. So I am going to spend some trying to see if I could bring HIM to the attention of the RIGHT PERSON out there. Of course, there are a million talented performers all over the world trying to break through in this over-crowded music market.

As you know, I have spent years on this forum asking where is the music and where is the talent. Well, I think that AQUIL is the talent that I want to take my chances with; and put my energy into promoting him. I need to see some more of his performances to cement my position; but he has the right connections and the right local platform from which to operate as I surmised in reading the credits in the video. In other words, he is not coming in EMPTY HANDED!!!

Ah feel like JOHN THE BAPTIST when he met JESUS -- I just met the MESSIAH OF PAN!!!

Claude, I have to agree with you, I was impressed with his talent, hope you don't miss your CALLING. Time to start your TALENT AGENCY only you can dictate how your BUSINE$$ is run. 


Mi Amigo, U R in for a big surprise with dis kid, and as for the MESSIAH OF PAN, HE'S LONG GONE since 1984, and he's not coming back, Jesus Christopher was NEVER HERE to begin with, so just go back and read the book of ' CANARD", once more therefore; U have a lot of disappointments coming, I know that we're all victims of SCIENTOLOGICAL MIND CONTROL, and you of all people should have been deprogrammed by NOW,...

Patrick Ramdoo: What STEELBANDS can do best is PLAY ANYTHING IN CALYPSO. We lead the WORLD in that!!! So my idea of a good PAN SHOW (engaging to the Trinidad Public) is to have about 50% Calypso and 35% POPULAR SONGS played in CALYPSO and I am giving you 15% for your pretentious music so the "cooler audience" could take some bathroom breaks without really missing anything.

Boy, ah worried about yuh. Ah see all these HATE CRIMES going on in Trinidad (and nobody saying a word about it) as happened on two previous occasions. Of course I am not surprised especially under this Rowley administration.

Claude. You have brought back memories to ME with the Love theme, there were tears swelling  in my eyes. Silver Stars will  always be my favourite win or lose, and Patrick while its not Calypso,  classics will always remain and be played on the steelpan.


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