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Big5 We goin’ down Sando review


Anyone who is into promotion will know that selling a cultural show in San Fernando is an uphill task, unless it is a chutney show. In addition to that, having it on a Thursday night, to me is a recipe for failure. However, the Big5 did it again. The car parks are always a giveaway and last evening it was full of cars. I arrived on time because I was hired by Mr. Claude Gonzales for my newly found skill as a journalist to report on the event. As people streamed into the venue, the show was started on time which is a standard set by the Big5. The anthem was played on time and Supernovas began their set.


The venue was south NAPA’s theatre and the ambiance was one of a first class concert. Ushers assisting patrons to their seats, carpet wall to wall, fully air conditioned venue, extremely impressive stage lighting and I must also mention, that I have never heard voice and pan sound as beautiful as it did at any other venue. My complements to the sound engineer.  I noticed most patrons did not dress for the venue. People were casual and even their attitudes were not for the upper class setting they were plunged into. They spoke to each other while performances were going on, they waved their hands in the air from time to time and at the end got up and danced, however, others did not seem to mind the casualness of those people’s behaviour.


I am a hard critic, especial of pan. Music needs to interfere with my emotions, and audio-visual performances are supposed to excite both my senses. Supernovas did that with a high energy performance and a good tone from their band which was well accompanied by the acoustics of the venue. The highlight of the night and in my view the best performance of the evening, was a male singer they accompanied who sang Frank Sinatra’s MY WAY. That performance got a standing ovation. My only critique is that some of the songs were only verse and chorus and to me in a concert style setting, more music is needed.


On the contrary, Skiffle is a band I criticise for having too much arrangement in their songs. It is usually inappropriate for the pan yard jams we usually play for. However, with the concert style setting they were in last evening, they were in the zone. During their performance, there was a drop in the enthusiasm of the audience judging from the applause. However, they blew people away whilst accompanying a female singer with the classic, Ave Maria. They ended with a performance by Benjai who livened up the show with two of his past hits.  My critique towards Skiffle would be that they have some new music added to their repertoire and this critique would also apply to All Stars, although their fans do not seem to mind.


Last but not least, All Stars took to the stage and they performed like the stars they are. You could have felt the anticipation of the audience before the first note was struck. Then it dawned on me that this might be a north audience following their band to the south lands in support. I had criticised their performance of a classical piece at the last Big5 show which was at an outdoor setting. However, for this occasion, their rendition of IN A MONASTERY GARDEN was more than appropriate. They played their repertoire of songs and at the end they were presented an award by the mayor of San Fernando, Mr Regrello. As the curtain drew, the audience demanded their anthem. The curtains reopened and All Stars had no choice but the take their sticks from their back pockets and play WOMAN ON THE BASS.


The show ended on a high and by 11pm after meeting and greeting, I was back home. Congrats once again to the Big5 leading the way for Pan Trinbago to follow.  




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Mr claude, as promised. 

Good reporting Aquil.

thanks. where meh manager? Mr Claude. like he took a day off.

What a BRILLIANT REVIEW by MR. AQUIL ARRINDELL covering so many various facets of the SHOW!!! The BIG 5 should sign you to a contract to REVIEW and REPORT on all of their LIVE PERFORMANCES. And CONGRATULATIONS to the BIG 5 on another SPECTACULAR CONCERT.

Thank you AQUIL!!! I feel as I was LIVE AT THE CONCERT while reading your report!!! The VIDEO is supposed to be released in a month. But because of your brilliant reporting I feel as if I have already WITNESSED THE SHOW.

Mr claude I hear you have influence on the big big5 management. you can hook up the contract. lol

ppl this is my second review, and it is only because I hired by Mr. claude. Just want ppl to know is claude fault. lol

Aquil: The level of control you put in your report was masterful. Most people with your broad background and education in MUSIC would have felt the need to LET THE WORLD KNOW how much they really know about MUSIC and PAN MUSIC. But you just stayed faithful to the report and put your ego in your BACK POCKET.

Man, EVERYBODY from all over the PAN WORLD should be calling you and asking you to write some articles for them about PAN MUSIC.

And people doh even know that you are ONE OF THE BEST PAN ARRANGERS in the COUNTRY right now. So if any STEELBAND down in TRINIDAD looking to BREAK OUT for this PANORAMA 2018 they should SIGN YOU UP RIGHT NOW.

BIG BAND!!! MEDIUM BAND!!! SMALL BAND!!! Aquil Arrindell could deliver the WINNING ARRANGEMENT.

Mr claude you are the best manager any pan man could ask for. give yourself a next raise for the wonderful add you just put out. ha ha

Aquil, you are a remarkable young man, you bring a spot of fresh air in the forum. You are not afraid to engage in a discussion or present a topic, something we don't see from young people here, I think you have become one ah de boys. You have leadership qualities, use it to engage other young people so we can move this ting forward. Remain humble.

 I am trying on my side and i am an optimist. thanks for the complement.

Mr claude you is the best manager any pan man could ask for. give yourself a next raise the wonderful add you just put out. ha ha

Nice work Aquil.  Do you have any idea why this event was not streamed?



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