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Breaking News -- Bands Boycott Grenada Panorama - Stage not ready for prime time

St. George's, Grenada, W.I. - As a result of the lack of a proper stage, the Grenada steel orchestras have just voted to boycott the 2017 Panorama at an emergency meeting. 

This - as the Panorama itself was scheduled and advertised to get underway earlier this evening at 7:00 p.m. EST - two and a half hours ago.  So, at showtime, the bands REFUSED to mount, and perform on, a stage that was incomplete and not ready for the steel orchestras.

"Stage" at Panorama competition time (Grenada National Stadium); image by R. Cadet

In the "Chat room" associated with the Pay-Per-View for the event, viewers were incensed at this totally unexpected turn of events. Reportedly - though not confirmed officially - refunds are supposed to be processed.

Tonight's occurrence of an inadequate stage for performing, follows the pattern of disrespect meted out to the Grenadian pan musicians. Reports further state that there were NO LIGHTS or SOUND SYSTEM in place, and the Judges' seating area was also incomplete.

Last year, 2016, the winners were physically shoved off the stage when they tried to come on and celebrate which is the tradition.

Additionally, there was no presentation of the 2016 Panorama trophy, or any acknowledgement following the so-called announcement of results.  Instead, the preparation by Event organizers, were underway for the apparently more-favored music event that was to follow the Panorama, and equipment already set up on the stage.

So - the disrespect for the steelband art form continues...

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I fail to understand the comparison with Trinidad...

Sparrow - A one calypsonian strike!. Carnival Queen receives a car and other winners just "2 case of beer". Sparrow suggests in future that the Queen should run the show without steelband and calypso. He at least would be "keeping his calypsoes on the shelf".

Mighty Sparrow Calypso - *Carnival Boycott*


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