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Can the Big Five Foundation exploit their history, services and music for their own benefit?

The real test is can the Big Five Foundation make money while they are "sleeping" from their history, brands and most importantly music?

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I BELIEVE THAT THEY COULD!!! They have to make some link-ups with some PROGRESSIVE EXPATS (that one was for merrytonestothebone) and bounce some marketing approaches around and this could be a VERY BIG THING. Of course we have very little background on their BIG PICTURE so it would be nice if they came on the forum and gave us some perspective. That they could come together with this initial agreement is a MAJOR VICTORY in my books!!!

Bugs I would like to know their views about a  Carnival Monday afternoon Steelband Street Party and Bomb competition.

Please, why don't we just wait to hear/see what they will be presenting as their policies and operational standards etc etc before we speculate as to their purpose of forming an alliance...the GREAT thing is, they came together and we should credit ALL the bands involve for doing what many in this forum always harping about "bands should get up and do for themselves" so, here are some bands laying the ground work for eactly that...if other bands are included in the future, that we'll have to wait and see but, in the interim give them a chance to breathe...PLEASE!

T Sticks Agreed, but as you know, everything pan has to pass through the Forum scrutiny, no harm intended.

As I have said on another 5 Big Band posts. The Big Bands will have to relinquish ties with Pan Trinbago altogether. If they are attempting to form a private enterprise under the umbrella of a "Foundation" absolutely no one can stop them. But if they remain members of Pan Trinbago, it could turn out to be a legal battle with the two organizations. The Big 5 has to make the case that they have no trust again in Pan Trinbago and its administration and the way Pan Trinbago runs the affairs of pan bands being members of PT. I had earlier pointed out before carnival 2017 that this is the course of action that should be taken by the big bands and apparently they got the message now. Pan Trinbago can be stopped completely by simply the steelbands members leaving the membership of PT. Then they can put PT to an end. And PT needs to come to an end in order for pan to move forward worldwide and in T&T as well. Pan needs to be privatized internationally. Pan cannot be anything with funds mostly coming from Government. Who says pan should only be supported by Government funds. That concept is no where to be found in the laws of T&T. It really depends on what the Big 5 have in mind. I will find out. It is something that needs to be done. When the famous does something all the world honors them and follow their path. Tha'st a law of the universe.

Having said the above, there is another impending legal scenario. The 5 Big Bands are organizations of their own. This has to also be worked out how they perform as single organizations and how they perform under the umbrella "Foundation" For example what if Band A decides to do a recording of their own. What happens to the recorded song. That song cannot also be used on a Foundation recording. Simply because it will create a conflict of interest between Band A recording royalties and the Foundation's royalties. Take this all the way up to performances. Is the performance an individual Band one or is the event a Foundation event. There are many legal issues to be worked out. What will be the Share ratio between the 5 Big Bands and companies or persons investing in the "Foundation" financially. Is there a limit to which a person or company can invest? Who will sit on the Board of Directors? How often they will change. There are so many issues. Now if they want to become superior to the beaten concept of PT, they will have to consider all these issues of international funding, royalties, and also the creation of a world wide performance circuit including steelband clubs, restaurants etc,What about owning radio stations and TV stations. What about the Internet.. What will be the monthly income of each band. Many many issues. The 5 Bands do not have to perform to make money for the Foundation. The Foundation can invest in profitable business ventures in order to bring in income. Like I said before the term "Foundation" is a very steep business concept and especially if they wish to be free of paying taxes. It is not an easy path. If it is not this concept, then they should not use the term "Foundation" or "Trust". These are special business arrangements. They surpass the Limited Liability concept both privately and publicly.


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