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Speaking for myself and probably a large percentage of Trinis, living in another country is more for convenience than love but  I stand corrected. The emotional connection to your country and culture never goes away if it was genuine before leaving but sometimes life takes us on certain journeys to open our eyes to the things we take for granted and others marvel at and cherish!! 

I always make a point of saying god bless our country and our youth because like it or not they will be governing our country one day.

Sorry for getting so heavy my people I know this is a cultural forum .

Great song by Mr Helon Francis, CONGRATULATIONS SIR !!!

Mr Gonsalves, For your information, one of my staff members refers to me as “an ageable person” I have been fortunate, since I was a girl, to have taken a deep and abiding interest in Steelband music, calypso, jazz as well as the classics. When people say I don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s cool. I began to contribute to this forum when I was comfortable ignoring the tribalism (of supporters in particular) which plagues the Steelband discourse and which is responsible for the sad state of “Pan” today. I was present at Carnegie Hall in 1988, one proud-as-hell Trini young woman in an audience of some well heeled American sponsors to the NYPops who gave Desperadoes three standing ovations during their rendition of Orpheus in the Underworld. That night I watched my sister Pat also conduct the joint orchestras of The New York Pops and Desperadoes playing the Polovetsian Dances. My dreams for better days for the Steelband have taken a beating but I cannot lose hope. My aim is to totally ignore the nit-picking and silliness. This Carnival, there was new music, increasing numbers of talented young players, green shoots of improvement. The pan is ours. We have a duty to lift it out from under the rubble of negativism and stupidness where is now lies. Congratulations on your forum! Good Luck!

Miss Gillian: The forum actually belongs to CECIL HINKSON!!! One day I came by and decided that Cecil was working so hard to keep this forum alive -- I decided to help out. But as you can well imagine with my views (your "yuh Brave" line was spot on) the waters were ROUGH. Realistically, tough, as I have said so many times before: Until the day that I am driving down some isolated highway in California (or Florida) and I am fishing for a radio station and I suddenly hear a piece of PAN MUSIC being broadcast on MAINSTREAM AMERICAN RADIO that is composed and played by a TRINI PAN MAN -- nobody cyar tell me nothing about PAN to shut me up.

What shocks me is that with all the talk and the education and the talent we cannot find a way to lift the PAN out from under the rubble of negativism and stupidness where it now lies!!!

My hope is that something will spark on this forum one day and the OLE TALK of CHANGE will turn to ACTIVISM.

Invaders play part of their song "Full Extreme" on the drag before Panorama 2017. Arranged by Arddin Herbert

Duvone Stewart - The Carnival Is Over

Pan Jazz in De Yard 2007

Maximum congratulations and respect, Mr.Stewart.  You took Renegades (the band with undoubtedly the sweetest pans in the land), and with your perfect blending of harmony and melody; you created MUSICAL NECTAR fit for the Gods.

Thank you.


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