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Who do you believe was left out of Panorama finals but should have made it? And why?

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The Steelband Orchestra... Dr. Pat Bishop on the Panorama " it's the ability of bands to extend a verse and chorus into orchestral music." As Bradley would say the difference between hearing and listening. A one point difference going into the Finals...

2017 PanoramaLive Semi FNL: All Stars 4K

2017 PanoramaLive SEMI/ Desperadoes /4K


Sounds a lot like "Curry Tabanca" a lot like it. Yet is not as varied or as good...is Pan Music headed for the deep depressing hole that USA music already descended into? I was refering to Trinidad All Stars, not the Despers where it seems I posted this. 

the vocal bit kinda corny too...

Fonclaire went over the allotted time of 8 min by almost 15 sec. Not sure how that affected their score.

I think fonclaire and La Brea should have been in me personally I feel they played their song way better than silver stars, I think la brea does get a raw deal lots of times small bands I think sforzata played better than joylanders


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