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Do you remember this slogan (PAN IS BEAUTIFUL)? Is Pan still beautiful or will the BIG 5 (ISF) give Pan a needed facelift to Charm the world again?

Not long ago I remember this slogan Pan is Beautiful, But in recent times things has change dramatically. Pantrinbago in debt, players not getting paid, So to right the ship, up comes the New Visionaries, CIP, UPPM, Gregory Lindsay, Aquil and others to steer the ship to safety and put Pan on firm ground. Pan has raised its ugly head in the Mecca of Pan, even on the forum a few members have no respect for the opinions of some members, I taught we were all on the same page where Pan is concern. maybe it is possible for the BIG 5 (ISF) to give Pan the facelift it needs to make pan beautiful again. this is a line from Cro Cro Calyso posted below and I quote ( Way Pan reach ) posted below before I am accused of PLAGIARISM or one of many COPELAND on this forum.

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No matter how beautiful you are, when you were told at your birth that you are a REJECT you carry that in your subconscious thinking, never accepting you true BEAUTY and POWER.  Facelift I disagree? When you know who you are, you don't let others define you. Like Stalin says you are a Musician not a one tune Panman. The BIG 5 should CHARM us with musical EXCELLENCE.  Work on the organizational structure should bring competing groups together seeking a common objective. Processes and Procedures may differ for some, I am sure you've heard the saying there's no (i) in the word TEAM.


by Dr Roy D Thomas
1991 George Goddard Forty Years in the Steelbands: 1939 - 1979

Where Pan Reach?

How has the steelband fared in the land of its birth? The calypsonian Cro-Cro has put the same question in his inimitable way: "Tell me where pan reach / where the hell pan reach?" After a reading of Goddard's account against the background of recent successes, the conclusion must be that the art-form has made great sides. The people of Trinidad and Tobago are proud of their unique contribution to the world. Pan music is on the curriculum of many secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago. Pan music in a Trinidad and Tobago church is no longer an unusual event. Steelbands performances at Carnegie Hall in New York City, in Queen Elizabeth Festival Hall and in Royal Albert Hall in London have been enthusiastically applauded. But all this is not to say that the steelbands have completely surmounted the obstacles to development and acceptance.

We cannot ignore the admonition of the calypsonian Merchant: "Pan in danger"; nor can we dismiss easily the observation of Black Stalin: "The steelband gone / but the panman stay".

Fifty years after the first pan note was sounded, there is still no proper headquarters for the steelband organization, no National Steel Orchestra, no steelband museum, no practice studios, no continuous instrumentation research programme, no performing auditorium.

The steelband is still to be properly accepted and honored in the country of its birth.

Roy D. Thomas
© 1991 Mona Goddard

And WHO is going to work on the "ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE"  ODW?

As much as you write about Management and Administration  and Policy, you should be able to identify the primary issues facing the PAN MOVEMENT (locally): A LACK OF ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS!!!

Because yuh is the BEST SCIENTIST IN THE  LAN

DAT doh mean that yuh could MARKET PAN

And people (educated and un-educated) should be more careful on how they reference Merchant's PAN IN DANGER!!!

Claude, I beg to disagree on your "BEST SCIENTIST" sarcasm, love the rhyme. There are many COMPETENT individuals in the land doing it, some been doing for years and know what it takes to get it DONE. The BIG 5 have offered training classes I'm sure they will specify where and when they will make these programs available.

Let us not forget steelbands organized themselves in their PANYARDS with a ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE. A Leader/Captain, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a management team. All the parts that makes a business model. My believe is CHANGE starts from the bottom up.

I'm NOT job seeking, my present household with pre-teens is work in itself. I'm still in training mode.

An adult who ceases after youth to unlearn and relearn his facts and to reconsider his opinions, is like a blindfolded person walking into a familiar room where someone has moved the furniture.

H.A. Overstreet 'The Mature Mind'

Let us not forget steelbands organized themselves in their PANYARDS with a ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE. A Leader/Captain, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a management team. All the parts that makes a business model.

That is the QUESTION that the CALYPSO is asking. With all the ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE (above) you are hyping down in the MECCA then CRO CRO should not be asking the question: WHEY PAN GONE?

But the PANYARDS in Trinidad has NEVER EVER BEEN a part of my discussion. My theme has been constant and repetitive and redundant: Where is the PAN MUSIC that could thrive in GLOBAL MARKETS? And if you form a new organization offering HOPE and with a premise to take PAN MUSIC GLOBAL (my agenda) -- you have to have the RIGHT ADMINISTRATION in place. And right now the ISF does not have that. They could take the current 11 leaders (bands and consultants) and add your LEADERS and CAPTAINS and SECRETARIES and TREASURERS and MANAGEMENT TEAMS) and they WILL STILL NOT HAVE the ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS to TAKE PAN MUSIC GLOBAL.

Claude, hope you get a chance to check-out HBO's "THE DEFIANT ONES"

HBO's new documentary The Defiant Ones traces the rise of two men who have helped create the modern musical landscape: engineer/producer/record executive/Apple Music impresario Jimmy Iovine and engineer/producer/rapper/headphone mogul Dr. Dre.


This is my focus starting from the bottom up in the PANYARDS...

In the end Dr. Dre is using his money to invest in the community that planted the seeds where he started. “My goal is to provide kids with the kind of tools and learning they deserve,” Dre said in a statement reported by The Los Angeles Times. “The performing arts center will be a place for young people to be creative in a way that will help further their education and positively define their future.”


"The Defiant Ones" explores Jimmy Iovine's relationship with Dr. Dre

Si Mi Amigo, WHHOOOO is this BEST SCIENTIST IN THE LAN ??? where the definition of a SCIENTIST IS, one who's systematized knowledge, has prophesied the conclusion of his THE'O-REM / WORK, which can be proven, and there's only one man alive that can fill his own shoes, I will not even bother to mention his name, it will be a disgrace to do so, and as for these so-called modern day scientist, it would be a waste of MY precious time, and by the way, did you enjoy " Sir Steve Wonder Harmonica Solo in Panorama Jam"???

The best Scientist in the LAND is the man who has been put in charge of the ISF!!! Yuh know how dey love DR. POLITICS down in T&T!!!

WHOM mi amigo; are you afraid to call his name ??? call his name man, so I can finish him off, once and for all time...

Earl Richards: I told you a HUNDRED TIMES that when you put up a topic you can't just abandon it. You have to come and dig up the weeds and moderate the responses. And, by the way, this is an OPEN FORUM!!! And the title of the song is "WEY PAN REACH" -- and, by the way, IT REACH REAL FAR!!! All we need now is a couple MEETINGS WITH THE RUSSIANS and we could have PAN playing ALL THE NATIONAL ANTHEMS for all the countries in ALL THE STADIUMS for the WORLD CUP next year.

If the ISF could UNDERSTAND THE MISSION -- PAN could wrap around the WORLD like GLOBAL WARMING!!!

Mr. claude i sent you a piece of music i did for pan is beautiful. give me some feed back.                                      https://youtu.be/Bvyya5UV9IU


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