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Not me, eh!!! Not me!!! (Check out all my posts from the start!!!)

But BIG BIG MEN on this forum get fool by DOCTOR DOLLY with all she promises -- especially with all the FORENSIC AUDIT B--- S--T!!!

She running under nice cover!!! And as you'll know by now that I admire deceptive politicians. My hero being THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ.

Ah suddenly decided that I am GOING GHETTO on this forum and KEEPING IT REAL!!!

Like how Aquil and Gregory does only come on the FORUM when they want to PUSH THEIR LOSING AGENDA. Like we STUPID!!!

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Claude....i not taking your bait today....try tomorrow...Music For Change....for me...

 a l,ot of time to continue wasting

 we tired of the same ting

 over and over


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