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2 Days Ago

Kitch gets honorary doctorate… Daughter says ‘at last!’


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Indeed at last!

But without fanfare,fuss- almost like a thief in the night as if we are ashamed of him.

Congrats to UTT and shame on UWI who up to now and for some unknown, unspoken, though perhaps whispered reason  never found it within their wisdom to give to Kitch this honour. An honour to which he is due ( without taking away any kudos from those who they have saluted with this designation).

UWI, a publicly funded institution like UTT, owes the nation an explanation.

Congrats, long overdue.  Lord, if only they would award these while the cultural pioneers are alive and well, and not posthumously after they have long passed on, since the year 2000.

For David and Andre-Roger ...

Classic Old-School Soca from Dr. Kitch!!! RIP...


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