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Following up an earlier thread....WHAT'S NEXT . PAN PEOPLE ?

Some thoughts from an earlier thread that I felt should be expanded on...

It seems obvious to me that the issues addressed on forums such as these , though they stir the blood of us who contribute to these forums , are not sufficient to excite the average pan player in T&T, or even the actual steelbands , to demand change to the current status quo.

Because , when it is all said and done , what changes are we talking about ?

Even if we replace the current executives of Pan Trinbago with people of sterling quality , what then?

So we get a more honest accounting of the handling of the government funds , which in reality , is a relatively small sum that is subject to change , due to economic conditions.

Maybe players get their (government funded ) stipend a little earlier , and Pan Trinbago's books look a little cleaner.

But, after we've re-arranged the deck chairs on the Titanic, what then ?

Do the new office holders have a plan ? A vision ?

Are the steelbands going to continue being a "one trick pony" ?

Or , are we waiting for a Chris Blackwell type to come to our salvation and show us how to package and promote the art-form?

Do we see the future of the steelband as a party instrument , even providing a musical soundtrack for the carnival as it was intended, or do we still visualize steelbands playing classical music for old white people in the symphony halls of Europe?

Is there a plan to make the steelband the centerpiece of Trinidad's Culture ?

A plan to package the steelband and carnival and sell that package to the world using modern technology , instead of having the steelband as a sideshow to the carnival , playing music that only steelband diehards and aficionados can understand and appreciate ?

In other words , in spite of all the fire and bluster, I see little for the average pan player , or interested citizen to get excited about , and therefore no real enthusiasm for change.

And , it just may be that potential office seekers also sense that lack of enthusiasm, making them reluctant to step forward , take a strong position on issues , and effectively challenge the existing order.

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Glenroy: I agree with you on the "NO REAL ENTHUSIASM FOR CHANGE" -- I isolated that phrase from your posting yesterday. But I think that HEALTHY LEADERSHIP could ignite enthusiasm for change.

(Now we all know that QUALITY LEADERSHIP is really hard to find -- just look at the US PRESIDENCY!!!)

It is difficult to see that PROGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP coming through PAN TRINBAGO unless the plug is pulled on the organization; and, politically, that is NOT AN OPTION.

Just like how you SINGLE-HANDLEDLY  showed INDEPENDENT LEADERSHIP in SHARING THE MUSIC GLOBALLY, I believe there are SCORE OF INDIVIDUALS among the hundreds of thousands of PAN LOVERS around the world who could join forces to implement a COMMON PLAN to MAKE PAN LOVERS proud and generate ENTHUSIASM FOR CHANGE down in THE MECCA.

A few people just have to be willing to take the initiative and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.


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