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Revisited -- Great Live Productions - Has Soca, Calypso and Pan fallen off the wagon?

Here is another great production that sets the bar for expectations for live recorded music.

"Something" (2014 Grammy Winner for Best R & B Performance)

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A little wandering -  One point I had on my mind but forgot to include:  Trinidad, and much of the Caribbean suffers from a brain drain, often of the best and the brightest, and this includes the media.  I have lost count of how many Trinis were at the TV network where I worked before I retired two years ago.  I worked very closely with quite a few.  Most of them top-notch.  More than a few learned television working for TTT before they emigrated to the USA.  Others were educated both in Trinidad and here.  Trinidad's loss has been our gain.

Also co-workers from other parts of the Caribbean, Jamaica, Dominica, Grenada, Barbados Haiti, Dominican Republic, even Honduras (not really Caribbean), and wherever else I have forgotten or was unaware of their origins.  To that add the rest of the world,  India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, most of the rest of Europe.  The cosmopolitan nature of the place was one of the things that made working there enjoyable.  

In fact it was my Trini friends there that were part of getting me into first visiting Trinidad almost 30 years ago.

It is sad that so many Trinidadians have for whatever reasons felt it better to leave Trinidad and look for opportunities elsewhere.  It is not my position to criticize conditions in Trinidad that may not directly affect me, but there must be issues driving people to pull up stakes and leave.  I think I know what some of those issues are, but I will leave it to others to discuss.  

Be enthralled by the rich and enchanting sounds of the Caribbean's No.1 String ensemble. Alternative Quartet comprises of award winning musicians that have encompassed the essence of their craft. This magnificent display of musical dexterity and fortitude is what makes their music unique and timelessly captivating.


What do you think about Alternative Quartet? Unfortunately this production was not live.

I think that all the superlatives have been used in the description above. To hear the Caribbean/Calypso rhythms integrated into this string format is enthralling. Not to mention the sophisticated dance steps by the musicians. I have to view this video about 15 times before I can fully appreciate it.

But to think that we are sitting on all that musical potential and not conquering the world with it leads to questions and more questions.


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