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I recently saw NCC Panorama 2019 schedule with no mention of Single Pan category and i am surprise why WST members remain silent so far!!!

Was the 2018 Panorama the end of the Single Pan category? Pantrinbago responded by saying the NCC has not in any form taken over the running of Pantrinbago but the NCC Panorama 2019 schedule has no mention of the Single Pan category, Is this fake news or what? any way i am awaiting the official Panorama 2019 schedule from NCC or Pantrinbago or who ever is running Panorama 2019.I cannot wait to read Merrytonestothebone comments on this.!!!

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Earl Richards: You cannot just put up these COMPLEX TOPICS and then leave them hanging. You have to come and WATER THE GARDEN.

Ah only have ONE FRIEND IN ENGLAND and I almost lost my FRIENDSHIP with her over THIS TOPIC.

So make sure that yuh come back and MONITOR and EXPATIATE!!!

Ah does always support all the EARL RICHARDS postings but when I saw this one I was real hesitant to engage. It is kind of wrong to sit down in ah OLD FOLKS HOME and say that YOUNG PEOPLE in Trinidad should be excluded from DEY OWN LOCAL PANORAMA TING. But instinctively I felt that once you reduced the PANORAMA to LARGE ONLY (the side of the bank that I am on) -- then BAND SIZE was going to become a MAJOR ISSUE in the discussion. And I really did not want to get into that!!!

I remember reading a POSTING by Glenroy Joseph expressing the SHEER POWER that emanates from the LARGE BAND -- what he inferred was the ULTIMATE PAN EXPERIENCE (my words) and I know that many PAN LOVERS reside in that CAMP. Hence the BIG 5 always pushing the envelope to get MORE MEN ON STAGE!!!

Of course, growing up in Trinidad you learn to appreciate from 1 to 130 players playing PAN. And living on the outside you hear so much three piece and four piece you develop a tolerance/appreciation.

But, ideally, I would CAP the LARGE BAND PANORAMA at 60 PLAYERS!!! Yet I know if that ever comes to a vote in the STEELBAND COMMUNITY -- 60 will go down in FLAMES to 120.

I would like to see panorama stop being some kind of work project for panists , and have it return to being a competition of the best of the best , and if that means having fewer categories , then so be it.

If the purpose of panorama is to spread the available funds around , then there are better ways of doing it.

An idea that quickly comes to mind is , while making the panorama more streamlined and efficient with fewer bands , some  funding could be diverted to provide other opportunities for those bands not participating in panorama to get paid.

One way that funding could be used is to encourage bands not participating in panorama to vie for better prizes on the road ; many bands have no hope of appearing in winners row in panorama in any case , and their participation in a street competition will enliven the carnival , and make some of us very happy.

That is a good idea, Glenroy, to get PAN back on the road!!!

Bugs...After all these years my only interest in Panorama is to make a lil money off arranging if I get the opportunity...Personally I have no interest in merging with any other band to do anything, worse yet if it is to form a 120 member band to win Panorama?....Not me brother...I have had enough drama over the years...

I hear you.


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