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I respect the CIP for taking a stand, they may not be perfect but they are what we have.

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With the caveat that I don't really know what is happening in Trinidad , I would suggest that someone will have to do some serious politicking among the steelband members for things to change.

What they call "grass roots politics" ; not just talk and wishing it be so.

Someone will have to contact steelband leaders , members , make proposals , create alliances , clearly articulate grievances, create voting blocks  etc. 

In other words , do all the ground work that political operatives do.

And this would take Trinidadians doing the work.

In Trinidad.

So Claude could scream as loud as he wants from the Left coast.

It's like the tree falling in the forest.

Did it make a noise , if no one heard ?"


In the old days men use to print what was said on WST forum ant take into the panyard and discuss it with thoes who didn't have access to Internet. Today, all man have smart phone. Everybody, knows the name Claude. In spite of the concussion he suffers from time to time, the forest is now wired with smartphones and Claude may have more  impact in Trinidad and Tobago Pan than the Russians did at the last US elections. And as the young people say, that is facts.


I know all that , Bugs. Just messing with Claude a bit.

We can still have humor, can't we ?

I use Claude's name to represent all of us on this forum.

What ever we discuss here  about Pan Trinbago won't matter , if those who want change do not know how to practice  real politics 

Ah tired hearing allyuh say what a great politician Diaz is.

They should learn ( at least about politics ) from him.

Mr. Joseph for your information, do you know that Keith Diaz is the only Pan Trinbago President who has ever taken it upon himself to drive around in his luxury vehicle to every single panyard in Trinidad and Tobago and meet the panmen on the ground, in their comfort zones during a carnival season when all bands are active? Quote me on that. That is why I say he is the most cunning politician to have held office in Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Gonzales says the greatest politician, I do not disagree with that. Having said that, I believe that it will serve the CIP well to consider the suggestion to mobilize the best human resources available to them, and put together a contingency plan for taking charge of the Panorama, or at least being a part of the management team as I suspect if they have that tool available, they may be able, having already articulated the position of mistrust within the fraternity, which seems to be consensus, to make a case for an opportunity to be a part of the management of the 2018 show.  There is nothing in the caveat that says the show cannot be co-managed. In that way they would be able to have a first hand knowledge, and be an integral part of the reporting and recording that they now query. I will continue to advocate Panorama in addition to being the cash cow of the movement, as the highlight of any panman's career,  as the most important vehicle for the steel band, the best opportunity available to any steel,band to showcase their marketability to potential clients globally. The opportunities to market one's band are numerous, the opportunity to meet people of all nationalities, and status in an informal environment to sell their product is endless. Why do you believe that there are trade shows and expos globally? They are marketing strategies put on by countries, communities to showcase their products, to the world where deals are made on the spot. Panorama is an annual steel band expo, and the inexperience of many steel band leaders and management does not allow them to take advantage of the opportunities that exist on the drag, among the crowd listening them warm up for their eight minutes of glory. That is the time when the marketing resource in steel bands should be most active meeting people, sharing with them their availability, their versatility, their repertoires for contractual arrangements. Knowledge is power, and in the absence of knowledge many are powerless. I would like to hear the forum's take on the foregoing idea.

No Dotards please. Country Bookies like myself are most welcomed. LMAO

This is my exiting piece of advice. Cockroach have no place in fowl business. Let AA and the Dotard play themselves, let the regulars frolic and have a good time among friends. What my last post described in part merrytonestothebone (how is that old police Kendell?) and Mr. Gonzales is the fact that international marketing strategy for the steel band in not rocket science as the untrained mind would be inclined to believe. The opportunities are available under your noses, Panorama is the platform for launching any steel band's international marketing initiative. The CIP should be advocating for a steel band pavilion (among other things) which could open at panorama semi finals, and close on the night of the finals. A pavilion at THE ANNUAL STEELBAND EXPOSITION where each steel band whether you make it or not to that stage of the competition would have a booth showcasing their product, for recording, for performing, for the supply of instruments, for the supply of tutors etc. Steel bands should be prepared with suitable tangible material to market their products, brochures, CDs, and the like. AA could get his opportunity to see the world and "buss his gun on all kinda range". There are enough opportunities available globally for every steel band in Trinidad and Tobago, but the selfishness and greed of some steel band leaders and owners does not allow them to see past the assistance to bands, the $1000/$500, the ghosts that they would register to defraud the government of revenue by registering 75 players although your band has only 50. Let us see who will be the first to implement this suggestion, let us see who possess the ability to articulate this idea for acceptance among the general membership AND THE STEELBAND FRATERNITY. That is me for the time being Claude Gonzales. This world is made up of all kinds of people, one does not have to look in a catchment area the size of china to be able to identify good and bad. For TS's information faeces always floats before it is consumed by aerobic bacteria that flourishes and multi[lies in an abundance of air, one of the principles utilized in the treatment of EXCRETA, keep lying low. 

This country bookie is out of here. Peace, Love, Respect.

Kendal is good man...still fighting the good fight...

I need to get some pop corn and go from the beginning! 

Junior, enjoy the catch up!

If you are a Concern Individual the internet gave you a voice, this is the time to use it.

Cecil: I have a proposal for you!!!! Leh we put up some money (half/half) and buy ah coffin for the CIP and then we going down to Tobago and bury them is the same grave with the NEW VISIONARIES.

Ah doubt the CIP could last 12 more months.

That little boy playing the PAN with the XMAS song look just like ah MINI-AQUIL!!!

Aye Claude I agree with you, 12 months is a long time, I don't believe they scored enough points with the electorate to make any change and after carnival dey cyah come back wid the $500 and resign slogan. 2018 will be interesting for them, lets see if they will use the Forum to stay in the mix.

Now that the NCC board is in place....first order of business........

I asked the President about this at AGM....he emphatically denied it...I produced the reference document to backup my question. He sent me a written correspondence confirming that he is a blatantly lying.

Ask me any questions and l will tell no lies.

Respect all Players....respect de instrument,..respect de ancestors


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