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Ingrid: I am putting up 3 of my BEST CALYPSOS EVER for you!!!

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Claude, I'll make sure that I listen to them all and have Webster's Dictionary to hand, just in case ...

Ingrid: That is your FIRST ERROR. Webster's Dictionary cannot help you to comprehend the complexity. Just as I don't think that you have any CRACK SHOT PAN PLAYERS in ENGLAND (I mean REAL CRACK SHOTS), I don't think that you have any REAL STUDENTS of CALYPSO in ENGLAND. So I will have to help you out a little bit.

The three songs marry FABULOUS LYRICS and STORY LINES with some of the best CALYPSO MUSIC you could ever hope to ever hear. The second two songs are PURE MOCKERY; but you have to have a good understanding of the culture to fully appreciate the genius of the compositions. Even though they are CALYPSO, I would compare them to three of my favourite AMERICAN SONGS: "MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA" and "DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO SAN JOSE" and "IT NEVER RAINS IN CALIFORNIA".

I am curious about your connection to THE PAN TING and THE CALYPSO TING.

Well, I've been visiting Trinidad since 1983 and I have always been drawn to the culture.  That was the first time that I had heard pan and as soon as I returned to England, I signed up with a band (no names here).  When I visit Trinidad, I always visit the various panyards and you will see me at both Semi Finals and Finals.  I've even been known to go down to Skinner Park for South Finals and for Calypso Monarch Semi Finals.  I also make sure that I visit the various tents, with Calypso Revue being my favourite.  I do sometimes have to get a translation of the different calypsoes, only because I may have missed some of the activities that have gone on in Trinidad that year.

You have GOOD CALYPSO CREDENTIALS. Now I see why you stood your ground on your calypso knowledge. And you play the PAN also. If you have been visiting since 1983 then you must be familiar with "THIS FEELING NICE" (Alvin Daniel - 1987). That is one of the best lyrical compositions ever. A very sad and complex tale delivered in a HAPPY SONG. I did not like the musical introduction very much but the lyrics were so overwhelming and the melody was captivating. I still can't get over that story line. I will put up the song for you some time.

But "TOURIST LEGGO" might be the BEST CALYPSO I ever heard!!!

Claude:  I was in Trinidad in both 1987 and 1988 when Phase II won Panorama.  Although I love pan, I also love the early Calypsos, ie. Atilla the Hun, Lord Pretender, Lord Creator etc.  They wrote the best calypsos ever!  Pan and the writing of Calypso songs should both be mandatory in schools.

Ingrid: I think that you KNOW MORE ABOUT CALYPSO than bugs and Cecil put together!!!

Claude:  that could never be.  bugs and Cecil are the "old heads".  I'm just a tourist, "Tourist Ingrid" LOL, LOL


One of my favourite songs.  Now don't forget, you probably know this song from growing up in Trinidad but for me, "Tourist Ingrid", I only discovered it last week ....

Another version of the TOPIC ... and I am finally OLD I can't remember the name of the best song on this topic ...

Hi Claude. STRANGER was better than BASSMAN. BASSMAN made more of an impact because it was the first time anyone other than Kitchener or Sparrow won the Road March. But structurally, conceptually and musically STRANGER to me was the best. Nevertheless your 3 are among the greatest ever.

ALL THE WAY TO ITALY has to b one of d if not d most sarcastic of Birdie's calypsoes and Claude you might b d only man who have it in your archives. U know Trini doh like criticism and dis is criticism BIG TIME.


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