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It seems like they have made  Steelband music a sit down and listen thing unlike yesteryear when people danced and had fun, is this good or bad, does this contribute to the stagnation of the steelband in the Mecca?

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When there is a will there is a way. Motivation missing?

merrytones, as it is today we screwed up everything that made the steelband stand out, it is my opinion that's it's not too late to fix the errors. BACK TO BASICS.

People in the Mecca has to be mature and realize that there's nothing wrong if we bring back certain things we did in the past, we have to admit that nothing has been working lately.

The problem with Pan as I see it is one of Service...It is quite evident in most organizations locally. We love to Rule...We love to Govern...We crave Authority...We seldom Serve...

I used to play steel band records enjoying the marvelous dance tunes of Silver Stars, Solo Harmonites, North Stars but the music we are playing call Ramajah are so noisy I do not buy these records any more. Today I am admired for playing music that people can identify the tune and change around the tune to dance beat that people to listen and dance too. Arrangement is not the problem but losing the tune you are playing is the problem.


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