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Large Steel Orchestra Panorama 2017 Preliminary Results - Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Defending champs Desperadoes Steel Orchestra topped the preliminary round of the National Panorama competition.

The band playing the Carlton “Zanda” Alexander-arrangement of “Good Morning” accumulated 277 points, two (2) points more than the second-placed Trinidad All Stars (275) for their rendition of Ultimate Rejects’ featuring MX Prime’s “Full Extreme.” Exodus Steel Orchestra came in third place with 274 points for its performance of Pelham Goddard’s/Terrance “BJ” Marcelle’s arrangement of “Good Morning.”

As in the medium category, the same number of bands—fourteen—moves on to the semi-finals.  Fifteen orchestras competed in the large group, with one - Genesis Pan Groove - not making that cut.

Score sheets of the Medium and Large steel orchestras were opened in the presence of the bands’ representatives at Pan Trinbago’s Conference Room on Park Street, Port of Spain, on the morning of Monday February 6.

The draw for semi-finals playing positions in the two categories will be conducted at CTV (the television arm of the state-run Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG)) tomorrow Tuesday, February 7 - at 7:30 a.m.

Following are the full results for the preliminary phase of competition for large conventional steel orchestras.

Following are the full results for the preliminary phase of competition for large conventional steel orchestras. The top fourteen will move on to the semi finals.

  1. Desperadoes             277
  2. Trinidad All Stars       275
  3. Exodus                      274
  4. Phase II                     273
  5. Renegades                271
  6. Supernovas               269
  7. Invaders                    268
  8. Silver Stars               265
  9. Starlift                       264
  10. Angel Harps             263
  11. Birdsong                   262
  12. Fonclaire                   261
  13. Skiffle                        259
  14. La Brea Nightingales        239
  15. Genesis Pan Groove        234

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Cecil: You got your scores!!! FAMILIAR FIVE on TOP!!!

It is what it shouldn't be. 

... and in SIXTH POSITION we have: SUPERNOVAS!!!

Dry your eyes Mr. Ramdoo and do not expect much change in the FINALS. A little shuffling (YES!!!) but same TOP 5. The RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE was in 1974 -- could not come up with a better LYRICAL IDEA? 

Dem judges love ZANDA too much for my liking!

There is always NEXT YEAR for ATLANTA and SUPERNOVAS, buddy!!!

Claude...listen to Desperadoes again...they have the absolute best line and moment of music in this year's Panorama...around the middle of the tune...

it is only preliminary

 the best is yet to come

The judges must love Despers,,,,after listening to the top six Bands,I had despers,six. But I knew that those would be the top six,it's just going to be switched up a little for finals. All Stars picked the most popular Calypso and just jammed it,,,with absolutely no proper musical content.But give Jack his Jacket,,,they JAMMING whatever notes they playing,,,,you cannot whistle it or follow it musically ,but they JAMMING. I guess Panorama will remain a jam session, and not a musical competition. We need to really have a Competition for pan based on musical content, and not just JAM,,,because as we can all see ,apparently Panorama is jam,jam,jam. Blessings to All.

Morning Glory, I was told by a top arranger that Panorama is not about good music.

It is only the preliminaries but like I said before and no body have given me a legit answer to my topic/question " Who picks the panel of judges and what is the criteria" If you look at the score and the score sheets of the  last twenty years of panorama you will see some similarities and we are pretty much heading to similar results in the finals. You  telling us that Desperadoes accumulated more points that  Trinidad All Stars and Exodus ! And you telling us that all three south bands may not make the final count. Claude Gonzales is right when he said that them judges don't like the Professor and Fonclaire ever since people bad mouthed them on that 1990 flop. And the three young amigos from NY are getting no respect. Now lets just wait and see what the demise will be in the semis. The Pan mafia is still alive !          

Does anyone have the results for the Medium Bands?

I think this is it!!!

  • Pan Elders 263 Pan Deminium 259 Curepe Scherzando 255 Valley Harps 255 Melodians 253 Courts sounds specialist 252 Katzenjammers 252 Western Stars Philharmonics 250 Arima Angel Harps 249 Couva Joylanders 247 Sforzata 247 NGC Steel Xplosion 247

  • Buccooneers 253

  • San City 239

The judges are following musical creativity. When I listen to Despers, Renegades and Phase II they are all telling me stories with their arrangements. It is all fine to have JAMMING but it can't be for the entire arrangement. These are some of the same judges who had Despers in the wilderness for many years and no one seem to remember that. Despers earned it's place back to the top. Some of the arrangements were very predictable hence the results. Of course for the finals they may have some movement in the top five. 

It would be more instructive to provide the breakdown of the total score for each band into the four categories for which the bands are judged.


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