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Is it the bad economy or the crime or the lowered Government assistance or the EVENT in general?

It would be nice if KEITH DIAZ told us how many people attended the PANORAMA FINALS. But that would create some problems for him and Forteau ... imagine in this day and age THAT NUMBER is a BIG SECRET.

Well, when THE CIP takes over this year (HA! HA! HA!) I expect them to bring some TRANSPARENCY to the management of the organization.

Anyway, I am waiting for the highlight of MY CARNIVAL when Doctor Dolly goes before the media tomorrow and announces: WE HAD A VERY SUCCESSFUL CARNIVAL!!!

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Glenroy: I read an article by Keith Smith years ago and he was talking about the quality of PAN PLAYER you have to be to make it in a band like RENEGADES (that was the band he referenced). The whole audition process and the level of skill required to make the band. And about dejected Pan Men who could not make the cut (good players).

So there might be an abundance of PAN PLAYERS around. But when it comes to putting that WINNING BAND together -- they need CRACK SHOTS aplenty.

Oh, and since yuh are the right man to ask: What are your thoughts on the WINNING COMPOSITION this year? I will take the LONG ANSWER.


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