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Merrytonestothebone: If ah man in America running for PRESIDENT and he tell dem RED NECKS he go take away DEY GUNS -- dat CANDIDATE GUARANTEED to LOSE that ELECTION!!!

Merrytonestothebone: If a CANDIDATE in the PAN TRINBAGO PRESIDENTIAL RACE tell dem PAN MEN that he go register every player in every band and that is the ONLY BAND that they could play for ONLY -- and that if that rule is ever broken, both the HOST BAND and the OFFENDING band WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE PANORAMA and will get NO STIPEND paid to the entire band ... dat CANDIDATE GUARANTEED to LOSE that ELECTION!!! (Sorry for the LONG SENTENCE!!!)

So yuh could ARRRSSSSKKKEEE and ARRRSSSSKKKEEE that question all day long like Mary Ann and none ah dem CANDIDATES eh about to ANSWER YUH!!!

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They don't have to answer…but I know they could all read…Let them deal with the question however they want…Is they who want office…Not me...


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