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Totally agree with Jahlani...

Curtis Lynch...You asked the question...Where do we go from here? Let the truth be told,answer =..right back to W.I.A.D.C.A.for a 2018 panorama! W.I.A.D.C.A.= W.orst I.ndividuals A.round D.edicated C.ultural A.rtistes! The Pan Body needs to do it for themselves and go around that group!

The WIADCA committee have been following the pattern of T&T Carnival for years and we all know that Carnival Saturday is strictly for Panorama . Unfortunately due to the abnormally bad weather conditions which we all knew days in advance this kaotic situation arrived . Mother Nature caused the cancellation and maybe it is time to find a bigger covered venue for all events . With the advance in technical and after all this is NY and not T&T we shouldn't be having these kinds of problems. But it seems to me that Trinbagonian and Caribbean people on the whole migrated with some of the same old habits . It is time to bring in some thinking minds because after all it is al about money and the revenue is more than any other Festival held in NY .
Some people say "Out of pain, this culture was born", and I say "Out of the culture, the pain persists".
Fix what???Eh??


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