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Mr Keith Diaz you can be the one to let the steelbands in the city roll down the drag for panorama preliminaries, this can go a long way in rejuvenating the excitement the steelband brings especially for the young people who never experience this.

I'm giving you an opportunity to kill all the bad press you and your members have been getting of late.it will also help with your legacy.

DO THIS FOR THE STEELBANDS. There is not much to loose and the gains could be endless .

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Cecil: MR. DIAZ plans to keep a VERY LOW PROFILE until about OCTOBER of this year. I think that MR. DIAZ got a BIG 5 HEADACHE!!!

This could make Mr Diaz look good, after all he is still in charge and this project will suck all the air outta the room and have Pan Trinbago looking nice.

The only headache he will have is if  he don't do anything and the Big 5 tell him if he don't do it they ain't going panorama.

Cecil, I get your point, but when bands perform on the drag,you hear them in the grand stand and that will disturb the performing band on stage and the judges. It happened before and bands were stopped after bending the corner and facing west.You can run your tune while the next band is setting up on stage (approx 15 mins) then you are stopped by the officials.

Mr. Clarke: The DEVIL is always in the the DETAILS. And speaking of DETAILS: We need some DETAILS on this BIG 5 FOUNDATION. So could you arrange for their spokesperson to come on the forum and give us an overview.

Why yuh come and rain on Cecil P-A-R-A-D-E???

Gerard no band ain't stopping and playing for no judges, they just moving, this was done with much success for years, plus these bands always move on to the second round. Ain't no raining on no body parade here. This is the preliminary round.

Mr Gonzales: I have just returned and with some priorities before I go out again, so maybe yuh pardners Bugs, ODW and merrytonestothebone could help yuh wid dah one.

There are those that might have some concern over the loss of money they make from when the judges visit their pan yard, bring yuh stuff and sell it in yuh band. We know that the management of some  steelbands are set in their ways and will find it difficult to accept change but I'm sure the majority will see this as something positive.

Cecil I said nothing about stopping and playing for judges. What you are talking about USED TO HAPPEN. Bands have been stopped because playing on the drag disturbed the band on stage and you would hear them in the stands. I was on the drag when bands were stopped and even when we played we were also stopped. Anyway, I am leaving this here.

When was the last time any of the 7 large bands from around the city did not go through to the semis?

CH, the man has already done SOMETHING TOO PAN, he SABOTAGED IT, what more do U want???

JJJ I hear yuh, but he can still do something positive.

Cecil: Yuh riding the wrong horse, boy. This back in time agenda you pushing is the smallest problem facing PAN.

America is SUCKING THE LIFEBLOOD out of PAN and the LOCALS do not have a clue on ANY LEVEL!!! Just give them a FREE TOUR or some little platform for a presentation and they will sell their soul for the opportunity.

As Donald Trump will say: SAD!!!


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