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Mr Keith Diaz you can be the one to let the steelbands in the city roll down the drag for panorama preliminaries, this can go a long way in rejuvenating the excitement the steelband brings especially for the young people who never experience this.

I'm giving you an opportunity to kill all the bad press you and your members have been getting of late.it will also help with your legacy.

DO THIS FOR THE STEELBANDS. There is not much to loose and the gains could be endless .

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CH, first things first, # 1. No per-recorded excessively loud music, or D.J's on moving trucks, should be allowed on the bands and mas route on carnival day, only live music, 2, No vehicle should be allowed on the bands and mas route, that's Y the routs were created, and barricades were placed to divert traffic away from these routes, 3. carnival is a live spiritual inner enjoyment of "FREE WILL"occurring in time of carnival, and it should not be tolerated, especially by vehicles in it's path, these things IS destroying the carnival as a whole...


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