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New York Gangstas Don't Pay on Time and Can't Spell

It's time for the Govenor to step in and send someone to jail. Can we get a forensic audit?

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Aquil can you send your best CIP men to Brooklyn? Dem Panmen in Brooklyn getting plenty Bus Head.

Don't pay on time. Can't spell? Could you explain what's happening in Bklyn re panorama and monies due?

No Pay but Dey Jammin Still


Panman like pan, they play pan. Gangstas like money more than pan so.......
If panman boycott the panorama in Trinidad and Brooklyn for one year, maybe, just maybe, somebody go get de message, but the guts missing.
They say is "we ting", ah African ting , everybody else see de value but "we". The powers that be, figure dey doh hafta pay nutten........and we jammin' still.

Talk about "glutton for punishment"

This fellah "bugs" just want to put EVERYBODY in jail!!! Yet the biggest gangsta still sitting down in PAN TRINBAGO draining every last PENNY from the GOVERNMENT and bugs cannot complete a forensic audit and bring this man to justice. It look like COLLEGE BOY gone in ah witness protection program because we eh hearing ONE WORD from him. And the Dolly say "COME SEPTEMBER" and that is the biggest joke since John Agitation on a Sunday Morning.

First of all Claude --
It is "Sir" College Boy. And yes, he knows where all the bodies are buried. Dr. Dolly has him under protection.
Word on the ground is Fonclare is the only big band in Rolly Polly's corner. And all D'Photo pictures are blanc. Rolly Polly will be wearing Orange in September No priest will be able to save him. He teef dem children Christmas money. That fake heart-attack won't work a second time.

No but he gonna try something else...

like i really have to send up three soldiers to start a fire. who ahyuh recommending.


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