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No meeting for Mr. Diaz and the executive, in the regions.

By Aquil Arrindell

No meeting for Mr. Diaz and the executive, in the regions.

It is alleged that the president and the executive, requested a meeting with the four Pan Trinbago regions. Reports are coming in that the Tobago region, Northern region and Eastern region have decided that they are not entertaining Mr. Diaz or any of his executive members. No word on the Southern region’s position in the fight against this deceitful group of men we know as the Pan Trinbago central executive. People are now speculating that the Southern region’s chairman, and some of his executive members, may have personal benefits to gain from a Diaz lead executive and that was the reason they allowed an unconstitutional meeting to continue where a premeditated motion, in support of the executive and condemnation of the CIP and its members, was passed.

Early this month, the CIP learnt that Mr Diaz called a meeting with all the chairmen. To his knowledge the chairwoman for Tobago was out of the country and as a consequence could not attend. It was believed that he intentionally called the meeting at that time because Tobago region had just handed in their vote of no confidence in the executive to the head office. It is alleged that in a stand of solidarity with their fellow chairwoman, both chairmen from the northern and eastern regions did not attend. However, the southern region’s chairman was allegedly was present.

Mr Diaz then called another meeting with all elected members of Pan Trinbago. Seven members from every region and the seven central executive officers which total 35 members. It is alleged that less than ten showed up and as a result the meeting was put off. Last week a meeting was called to discuss the non payment of the staff at Pan Trinbago and it was attended by Mr. Diaz and the ERO who reportedly came in late, with information (lies) on the NCC vs Pan Trinbago case, saying that Pan Trinbago would win. All of which did not address the fact that Pan Trinbago staff had not been paid for the month thus far.

If Mr. Diaz can’t even get executive members to meet, how in the hell would the business of Pan Trinbago be discussed, debated, deliberated and collective decision making go on?

The Tobago and Eastern regions have put forward a vote of no confidence in the executive. The Northern region made the decision that they would not discuss 2018 Panorama until all debts are paid. So it is time this executive step down, together with the executive members from the southern region who support the central executive’s corrupt activities. Only then can the business of steel band continue. Band leaders, sign the petition.

Concern Individuals for Pan 

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A message for the Clowns. lol. brother SOBBs

Aquil: You are always looking for chinks in the armour of THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ. But you will never find one!!! We don't care about the REGIONS -- North, East, South or Tobago. (Pan Trinbago is kinda like California -- it eh have no WEST.)

According to a recent survey, SEVENTY FIVE PER CENT of all STEELBAND LEADERS support THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ (allegedly). And they are quite happy with central executive's corrupt activities. (Excuse me, that was a little Freudian Slip!!!)

This executive is never going to STEP DOWN, nor are they ever going to be VOTED OUT before 2020. So give up on this "CIP TING" and go about your FATHER'S BUSINESS which is being a GLOBAL AMBASSADOR for PAN from the ISLAND of TRINIDAD. I will call that sacred mission THE BUSINESS OF PAN!!!

Were Sigmund to read your above response he would most likely disclose that your admitted parapraxis, though voluntary and conscious, is possibly the result of repressed impulses which is definitely no fault of your mind.
In that respect, sir, you're excused.

I tried that thing humans called giving up and it i.s not for me, thank you, lol

Claude I now getting warmed up.......Tell the Chief, to take his medications get a good nights sleep..and eat his Wheaties for fiber...He's gonna need it.......

Gregory: Doh take nothing on this forum too serious, eh. Ah sure yuh lime under ah LAMP POST before and get into all KINDA OLE TALK!!! This is ah OLE TALK FORUM!!!

But ah still betting on KEITH DIAZ til 2020!!!

Claude...plenty streetlight...plenty ole..talk...
..yuh wanted to know what's happening..now yuh know ..fuh now Is real talk.not ranking talktalk

.....remember...When Steel Talks is the only medium that the central executive of Pan Trinbago continues to communicate with the general membership for the last seven months of this year....The Office of the President, Office of Prime Minister, Minister of National Security,..Michael Joseph...DARREN SHEPPARD, and ..Special Branch Cyber Unit monitoring too.

Claude, fly in your zone right now...no idle talk...de ting going and get real in a minute....Remember..what is joke fuh school chirren is death for crapeaud.


Well said Gregory, I have been realizing for sometime now, that these guy's think "the steel pan musical instrument" is some kind of a big joke...

No meeting for Diaz but he is still in charge. Tobago and the Eastern Region put forward a vote of no confidence but he still in charge, allyuh let pan people know if it's only in next years election he could be removed.

Sounds like a drowning man grabbing at straws.


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