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Do the CIP really want to inherit Pan Trinbago troubles, when will they find the time to deal with Pan matters at hand?

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Ah have ah good heart!!! So at one time I used to visit prisoners in San Quentin prison as an act corporal mercy .. you and DOCTOR DELIGHT making meh TURN UP all kinda cards tonight!!!

Now doh do like PINK PANTHER and MISREAD MEH POST, EH and think that I was just released from prison on parole!!!

I love MISPRINT!!!

Ah write the  CIP MEN have NO HOPE


To those that mock and laugh at the idea of pan on the road,ask yourself the question what are we going to do with the steelband? when you find the answer please let me know.

Well, it might come like America!!! As the PANS IN SCHOOLS PROGRAMS proliferate there will be very little need for STEELBAND YARDS as the STEELBANDS will exist in the schools. (YOUNG PEOPLE TING AND TIME.) The next thing is that I think the Traditional Steelbands have become DINOSAURS. So people have to start thinking about reducing the size of the bands. Put some E-PAN BASS in the back of the bands for one thing and remove all those big OIL DRUMS from the stage.

But I also say that if you have the RIGHT LEADERSHIP in PAN TRINBAGO we could get PAN back on the road. But it cannot be THE CIP and PAN MEN. You have to get past the RACE THING (ah thought every creed and race find an equal place -- except in running PAN TRINBAGO) and put some connected BUSINESS PEOPLE to run PAN TRINBAGO.

The economy eh coming back NO TIME SOON so the GIMME GIMME have to take a backseat until then and people have to get creative with the STEELBAND TING.

Now me and KEITH DIAZ are agreed on how to make PAN PROFITABLE but THE GOVERNMENT cannot move in that direction because they will LOSE VOTES. Even though crime will drop down to almost nothing!!! Well, the last thing this government want is crime dropping down to nothing and tens of thousands of EXPATS starting to come back home and stirring up things with their foreign ideas. So a high crime rate is crucial to political survival.

It is all very complex and tied together!!!

Cecil: Ah tell you this morning that "the Traditional Steelbands have become DINOSAURS."

Antigua and Trinidad and New York and Grenada all caving in to economic pressures.

And it is not about "THE POLITICS OF RACE" in Antigua and Grenada and New York as it is in TRINIDAD!!!


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