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Panorama is the lifeblood of the organization, the indisputable factor or influence that gives the movement and its practitioners strength and vitality. The undeniable single factor that can authoritatively identify Trinidad and Tobago as The mecca of pan. I believe Panorama is necessary. If it is that there is consensus in the pan fraternity that the current administrators have consistently displayed their inability to responsibly and astutely manage that show and the returns it generates, what contingency plans have been developed over the past few months that can demonstrate a capacity to successfully supersede what exists?

Succession planning seems to be nonexistent in the wider steel band community, and should be prioritized in a structured manner to ensure smooth transitions in management at band level and at a national level. Critical thinking seems to be lacking, and analytic skills deficient, honesty in an oxymoron, and the ability to see past the next handout may be stifling band leaders, or those who consider themselves band owners, or delegated representatives the desire to progressively develop the human capital within their organizations. Succession planning seems to be forbidden and prohibited in organizations, where potential is ambushed, where any evidence of the capacity and ability to lead, instead of being nurtured is summarily executed. 

The evidence suggests that there is no shadow executive.

The evidence suggests that a steering committee has not been considered or in place.

Therefore it is not unreasonable to conclude that there are just two choices available, panorama with an executive that is being projected as undesirable, or no panorama.

What I would choose to describe as the sterility of some views, and the challenges associated with intelligently interpreting objectivity is regrettable, even mildly discouraging, and it would not be inconsiderate to compare that behavior with that of the host responsible for spreading the virus resulting in the stagnation affecting the local steel band movement, fueling its dormancy. Stagnation of views in an effort to take meaningful discussion forward. Stagnation of thought inhibiting meaningful dialogue leading to action on rational suggestions put forward. Stagnation of ideas resulting in the inability to propose intelligent, solution based responses to issues identified.

I did not come on this forum to be popular,  I did not come on this forum to win friends or influence people, as my name is not Dale Carnegie, I did not come forward to seek anyone's blessings or approval.  I am not running for, or do I have any desire or intention for office at any level, or on any platform, on any slate, or independently at any given time. I am not a supporter or detractor of anyone's, or any group's agenda. I have no agenda hidden or public, I do not intend, or desire to usurp anyone's authority, I speak openly, and the views I express are independently hatched in my simple mind.

I intend to address the mafia that is the delegate system next.

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I want to thank everyone for this particular discussion thread and contributing the wealth of knowledge and depth of critical analysis towards developing a solution oriented outlook to our long standing cultural and organisational dilemma at the Mecca of Pan. an

Thank you to the usual suspects, Claude, Cecil, ODW, Ingrid, Merrytones, Glenroy, Mercer and others i elude to mention
your valuable input.
A special heartfelt gratitude to Russell for belling this cat AND to the ubiquitous Tony Smith; for both showing me, how best to push a conversation to the limitations of the threat to within the reach of the long arm of the law....... But walk away to agree to disagree,..without being disagreeable..

For the way forward, reporting from Mecca... Thanks for the lessons..


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