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THE EDITOR: In the interest of the steelband movement I do not wish to tarnish the Pan Trinbago brand, though the organisation has done that all on its own. I have never publicly denounced Pan Trinbago in spite of the fact that it has been poorly administered/managed.

It is agonising however to see the organisation reach its lowest in history and that is extremely damaging to all steelbands.

Please, executive members, including Keith Diaz and especially Richard Forteau, go in peace. At the same time please take your adviser with you. And please do not ever come around any steelbands again.

I hope and pray you all go in peace so that the movement can try to find its moorings.

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... and EXACTLY whom is going to PROVIDE THE MOORINGS?

Look at the cast of RECYCLED CHARACTERS lined up to take command of the ship. Furthermore, FORTEAU and SHEPERD are NOT GOING TO GO IN PEACE.

WHEN STEEL TALKS put up an article yesterday about the CRELLIN COMMUNITY STEEL BAND and I don't think that anybody in this forum took a minute to project the implications. And none of the CANDIDATES that are running for PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO have the GLOBAL VISION to even read and understand the statement made in the story. Yet that is what they are going to be fighting against without even having a clue.

Ainsworth Mohammed has all the CULTURAL and POLITICAL CAPITAL in the world down in TRINIDAD. He can do a lot better than KINDLY ASKING the CULPRITS to GO IN PEACE.

As long as we make ourselves believe that there are no honest members with integrity and proper Leadership skills to replace the present management team, then it is "WE" the membership who are the problem.

It is quite clear that the present system for the election process has failed, since the "slate of people" is open to corruption. The leader/President will always choose those who he can easily lead.

I wish to suggest the following:

1. Nominations list must be sent out to all member bands.

2.member bands can nominate for all positions that are vacant.

3. A profile of the nominee must accompany the nomination papers.

4 There should be an independent "Nominations" committee, who would interview the nominees for the recommended positions.

5The approval by the nominations committee will be forwarded to the EBC. Reason this must not be sent to the Present management committee members, once they are in the race, then there will be "CONFLICT of INTEREST"

6The Secretary of Pan Trinbago must issue a listing of all member bands which must be placed in All offices in every region of Pan Trinbago at least four weeks before the election.


Mr. Cooper this sounds very good. And it is indeed the proper way to proceed. But I don't believe this will be allowed to happen as long as these bad characters are present. I think you know that too. Pan Trinbago has no recent history of doing things the proper way.


Mr. Mohammed you are an honorable man. You know that gangsters never leave peacefully.  They will not give you another chance to fire a warning shot.

Nothing short of a hostile takeover will remove these deplorable stains from the history of Pan. The "Big Five" with the backing of the other big bands must take control of everything Pan in Trinidad and Tobago. 

These gangstas are soulless characters. And you know what they call leaders without souls - dictators. 


You are FIRED


This whole battle is going into LIMBO from TOMORROW!!!

If only a few more Managers could have BALLS like Mr Mohammed and speak out, they are a BIG part of the problems steelbands face, they never confronted PT about their corruption.

Coming out of tomorrows meeting Pan People looking for a mandate to replace the entire executive of Pan Trinbago and election in May 2018.

NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, MR. CECIL!!! Forteau and Sheperd eh no AMATEURS!!!

Mr Diaz still in charge, so he might still have some tricks up his sleeve.


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