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Priest urges Pan Trinbago: Set aside internal biases, work to improve image

Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - In spite of the poor attendance at Pan Trinbago’s Annual Interfaith Service yesterday, officials are being urged to set aside internal biases and concentrate on working together to improve and promote the organisation’s public image.

Urged to channel efforts into the promotion of the steelpan as they celebrated the 25th anniversary of the declaration of the steelpan as T&T’s national musical instrument, Interim Rector at the Trinity Cathedral, Port-of-Spain - Fr. Carl Williams (pictured) said petty squabbles often generated conflicts that distracted from the mission of the organisation.
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Ten problems that plague the pan movement: $$$, $$$, $$$ and $.
Internal biases in the Executive came about because Executive members realize that if they can sabotage the whole movement,what is preventing then from sabotaging each other.?

Petty squabbles ????????????????????? ......ain't nutten petty about Million$ of dollars unaccounted for, plus other major acts of commission and/or Omission.

All who want prayers from Mr Diaz raise yuh hand. fact of the matter is Mr Diaz and his people has lost all credibility, the sooner they step aside the better. 

This is less about "petty squabbles" and more about "toxic and poisoned" leadership who are disconnected from the membership.  Pan needs a trade union to counter the "distant" executive.  THAT I pray for, amen.

Ah love FATHER CARL WILLIAMS too bad!!! More so, I love some of his quotes:

“The past is not bad but we have to learn from it and move on.”

“God has designed the universe in such a manner that time marches on and moments of glory fade and exciting previews of coming attractions must end so that the real story can begin to unfold.”

“Have we become frozen with the past glory to the extent that we cannot see that there is a new thing developing? Have we become so caught up with what is past that we cannot see a future with new possibilities.”

True, life is a journey, not a destination and the past under the leadership of GSG is not the cabal of today.  It begs the question, what are we learning to move pan forward?

NO ONE, can take pan anywhere...

You got that right.

Claude please speak Rolly Polly.
Club jail already has a full time holy man. There is no need for him to bring one with him to club jail.



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