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"Providing advice on the marketing internationally of the players, the instrument and the music." This is a very BIG PART of the ISF (BIG 5) agenda!!!

As an EXPAT, how would you approach this objective? What would YOU pick? Marketing Players? Marketing Instruments? Marketing THE MUSIC? Anybody who has ever read this FORUM knows which PRODUCT I would choose to market.

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My choice is marketing the MUSIC. Marketing the instrument is the instrument alone. Marketing the  players is players only. But when you market the MUSIC you are also marketing the instruments and players, When you market MUSIC the players and instruments comes together. I am looking forward to the BIG 5 making a great  professional MUSIC PAN CD that will be accepted all aver the world.

Earl Richards: Yuh using up all meh lines, man. Yuh saying everything I thinking and now ah have to go and rethink to come up with some new IDEAS.  But ah have ah question for you!!! Do you think that people who never live in foreign could make music for FOREIGN? I think that YOU and ME should be in charge of PRODUCING that PAN CD. Ah know some real good AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSIC PRODUCERS and once we explain to them what we want they could DELIVER first rate International Music!!!

Yuh doh need no LIVE PAN no more yuh know. With INDIGISOUNDS we could really change the whole game!!!

Mi Amigo; that's called PLAGIARISM, most Trinies love to do that, when they should Quote you instead, it seems as though that we have a lot of Copeland on this forum man,,,

JJJ, your fixation on Mr. Copeland tends to minimize your contributions sometimes.

Patrick Ramdoo: Patrick Manning (in his spare time when he was not organizing kidnappings) gave Brian Copeland THIRTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to invent a PAN that JJJ had previously invented. You woulda been FIXATED too. Hell, you might have gone CATATONIC. But JJJ is ah strong fellah -- he still fighting them.

And I want to steal that "mentality that needs tweaking" line from you.

But JJJ's contributions re Copeland is tantamount to 'beating a dead horse'. I don't think that JJJ invented THAT pan.

You're full of it, Ramdoo, and jealously can by a dangerous thing, you knows nothing about me, as thinking and thoughts are like "A// H///s" everybody has one, and it's all full of S//t, and yours has more than most...

No need to hurl invectives JJJ. I have an opinion and I still don't believe you invented THAT pan. You gotta prove it, sir.

Patrick: Anthony Williams and JJJ invented that PAN together!!! But I don't know why everybody on this forum is so enthralled with the PAST. Nobody!!! Not the NEW VISIONARIES, THE UPPM, THE CIP, ISF, DOCTOR DOLLY, KEITH DIAZ -- want to deal with the present and future.

Hey, was that Duvone (for real) in front that St. Vincent Steelband?

Hey like I said before Ramdoo, OPINIONS are like a// h///s, we all have one and it's full of s//t, therefore I don't have to prove anything to idiots with shit for brains, Williams was correct about you guy's when he said, don't tell them anything, let them wither and die in their own ignorance...

Mi Amigo, it was $34.5 million US dollars, and the "Big Tenor" idea was my own since 1964, before the Ed Sullivan Show, the conclusion was a joint effort by Anthony Williams and myself in 1968 just before touring with BWIA Sun jet West Side Symphony, and amigo, telling these guy's anything is like spinning top in mud, a total waste of time, the WST profile photo was taken in West Palm Beach 1986, and as Williams always say, WE ONLY KNOW WHAT WE KNOW...

JJJ: Yuh better hurry up and move to CANADA and get your book written and published. As you well know, THE CRIME PLAN in Trinidad is working to perfection: The Country has just been named the most dangerous country in the English speaking Caribbean.

That is not accidental, eh.


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