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"Providing advice on the marketing internationally of the players, the instrument and the music." This is a very BIG PART of the ISF (BIG 5) agenda!!!

As an EXPAT, how would you approach this objective? What would YOU pick? Marketing Players? Marketing Instruments? Marketing THE MUSIC? Anybody who has ever read this FORUM knows which PRODUCT I would choose to market.

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Thanks Mi Amigo, the book is completed, I'm just speaking to several publishers and it won't be too much longer now and, we're the only "Spanish" name country, " that do not" speak or understand a word of "Spanish", "Trinida y To'bag'o, they say "Trinadad and Tobaygo", no it's not accidental, they do not understand the English language that was forced upon our ancestral siblings, they've been programed to self destruct/brain washed if there's any brain to begin with, there isn't anything you or I can do man, it is what it is, in my "Jungle of life, " I'm the Lion King that ROAR" and I have 11 cubs born here in the US, so I have roots here, but CANADA to BRAZIL, my Grandfathers country is where I want to die.. p.s. I'm still having some issues e-mailing you the you know what, but I'll figure it out...

I presume that you are talking about the former Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago (now deceased). Please provide some evidence (words, documents, actions) to back up your claim. Please no anecdotes!

JJJ: "the conclusion was a joint effort by Anthony WILLIAMS and myself...............and as Williams always say, WE ONLY KNOW WHAT WE KNOW".

Better a DVD, IMO. For a DVD, or a presentation at a U.S. music festival, I have a few suggestions:
1. Have a camera or cameras, and a mic, at _each_ section of the orchestra, with a console (I think that's what they're called) controlling all. The recording people would _rehearse_with_the_band_ until they can anticipate changes in the music and focus accordingly. During one iteration of the music, they could educate the audience about the way a steelband is set up, perhaps using a few subtitles.
2. They would concentrate on the players and the instruments, and of course the music, always.
3. Players would wear very simple uniforms, say dark-colored pants (and skirts?) and a band tee. Or even just their street clothes. No headdresses. No "themes". The diversity of the players -- age, sex, skin tone, hair do's -- is part of the charm, and should not be concealed.
4. For (at least) one iteration, perhaps at the beginning of the piece and again at the finale, the cameras would pull back to show the incredible overall structure of a steelband, ideally from different angles and/or from all sides.
5. Please: No clowns, no dancing girls waving banners, simple signage, no "effects". This is about the music, the players, and the instruments. That's what thrills me, anyway.
6. Full disclosure: my favorite steelband video is The Silver Stars, "on the drag", rehearsing for Panorama 2013 Semis, playing "Shock Attack". On Youtube.
7. All this is to introduce steel to the world and esp. the U.S. market. So play calypso, not classical, for now.

So much that COULD BE DONE; So little BEING DONE.

I like your last sentence, particularly ... but that is a whole long discussion.

Black Stalin - One Tune Pan Man

Making music is what they should be doing with all that electronic stuff.

Tough choices when there is a mentality that needs tweaking.

Only Claude mentions my contribution to this thread. Everybody else off on extraneous gripes. I have been involved with many groups in the U.S., mostly left-wing political. My observation: the smaller and less significant the group, the more bitter the internal squabbles. Does that apply here?


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