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Sad time for Pan Trinbago’s constitution. The grocery has been taken away from us.

Sad time for Pan Trinbago’s constitution. The grocery has been taken away from us.

by Aquil Arrindell

I wrote an article which compared Pan Trinbago’s members to a grocery owner who hired a team of people (the executive) to be managers.  The article compared the 30-million-dollar debt of Pan Trinbago (which is a result of mismanagement, high salaries, deals with their friends and high bonuses without membership’s knowledge), to the grocery managers doing the same with the owners’ money. At the end of the article, the question was put to our membership if they would keep those managers.


Pan Trinbago’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the only guaranteed meeting for the year where the membership, the owner of the organization, could make decisions on the organization’s direction for the year. We, the members, thought the AGM is the highest decision-making body which is clearly stated in the constitution.

Section C, article 7, part A, iii, a, page 7,

Whenever the AGM or Special Convection is not in the session the AGM shall be the highest authority of the Association.


The constitution also gives us, the members, ultimate power at the AGM.

Section C, article 7, part A, iii, c, page 7,

Subject to the provisions of this Constitution and to any other written laws for the time being of the Association. The AGM should have the power to confirm, vary, veto any decisions, by-laws, or other rules passed during the year by the Central Executive Committee.

Which means, the AGM trumps the Executive.


The process to make a decision is simple. According to parliamentary procedures, a member would move a motion (which is like a suggestion), someone would second it (which is like an agreement by someone else that the suggestion is worth discussing) and then the floor is open for discussion on the topic. Arguments for and against on the topic would be properly ventilated and then the members would vote on it. The president, as chairman, is to facilitate and guide the process, which means that when people begin to go off topic, he must bring them back and to, give information to help us make an informed deisicion. The decision now becomes a mandate from the members to the executive, which means that the executive must carry out the decision made by the members.


At the 2016 AGM, a mandate was given to the executive, that there would be no Panorama if all the money owed by the government, as claimed by the president, was not paid. The president and the executive decided not to carry out that mandate. One, because according to the PRO and the rest of the executive, other than one trusty and myself, the executive is in charge and the membership cannot tell them what to do. In the PRO’s words ‘the tail don’t wag the dog’. And two, what the president was claiming to be owed by the government was really misinformation given in an attempt to pass of blame for the 30 million debt.


In 2017, during TWO DAYS of the AGM, first on the 29th of October and second, on the 30th of November, every motion brought to the floor was rejected by the president.

Claiming he would not be accepting it as presented; he would not be accepting it at this present time or he would not be accepting it at all. In none of the cases did he have the authority to say to the membership (the owners) how, when or if he would be accepting any motion. At the continuation AGM, we spent two hours demanding that the president and the executive uphold the constitution by acknowledging that the membership is the highest authority. In spite of this, for two hours, the president insisted that he would run the meeting however he chose and would only discuss the topics he wanted to discuss. After imposing his will onto the meeting, most of the membership got up and walked out, leaving about 16 people seated. The president was quite happy to have the auditor tell them that the organization cannot pay its way out of its 30 million-dollar debt. After which he asked the 16 if they would accept the audit on behalf of the 130 financial bands so that he could go to the NCC to accept money on our behalf again.


My brothers and sisters, without a doubt, we, the members, don’t have a say in the affairs of our organization. The grocery owner has lost the business. We, the CIP, know that there are only two ways to deal with people who take our rights away from us. Either do it through the judicial process, which would give the president extended time pending the completion of the case; or to physically fight for it. To get respect from bullies and dictators, there must be a fight whichever way you choose. The CIP are here to serve you. Tell us what option to take because the president and this executive are no longer serving anybody but themselves.


CIP says is only love in the house.


Document of the Concern Individuals for Pan.  



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Sorry for the delay. My real life start catching up with me. lol.

How many times did I tell GREGORY LINDSAY to save me with all that CONSTITUTION SILLINESS.

Since the NEW VISIONARIES, Diaz proved that he was a DICTATOR. An UNSCRUPULOUS DICTATOR supported by the MINISTER OF CULTURE.

All dem little BLACK BOYS Rowley have running up and down the country killing INDIAN PEOPLE -- maybe the CIP should give them a CALL.

You always did say, he don't care about the constitution. You were right. but the cup is now 3/4 full, and once no one ain't drink from it, we good. lol.

I take offense with the comment "All dem little BLACK BOYS Rowley have running up and down the country killing INDIAN PEOPLE." We all know or should know how the donor class operates...

Sabga Aboud apologizes for careless words on CNN's 'Parts Unknown' episode????

Again, your racial xenophobia is rearing its head. PM Rowley does not have "BLACK BOYS running up and down the country killing people" any more than the previous government was responsible for "BLACK BOYS running up and down the country killing people". In fact most of the people killed are African people.

But if you have proof that PM Rowley is responsible, please post it (not innuendo, hearsay but FACTS)


From Charles Mason to Jeffrey Dahmer to Pablo Escobar to Dole Chadee -- AND?

I'm sure you heard when Mario Sabga-Aboud made it very clear who runs Trinidad and Tobago.

Leave the Doctor alone. How soon you forget, Claude - was it not the good MINISTER OF CULTURE that gave your boy Rolly Polly a heart attack earlier this year by NOT supporting him as past administrations had?


Bugs, the problem is Rolly Polly is having a HARD time understanding the definition of “working relationship” is only Claude who thinks there’s collusion with the good Doctor. She was very CLEAR in the interview what the boundaries are...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn_knyavwSI

She is NOT the reason why panmen and women are getting SHAFTED neither its her responsibility, they ELECTED him to do the JOB of representing their interest. Rolly Polly has to understand kissin-up won’t help…Just DO the job you were elected to do or RESIGN if yuh can't SET-UP to the CHALLENGE.


Rolly Polly is simply not ready for prime-time and the Doctor has exposed him big time as an inept tyrant, that doesn't have an original idea beyond gangstaism. 



I am listening to what you are saying and taking note...remembering that I am a 'nobody' that produced for the general membership of the body, for the first time ever credible certifiable budget information regarding Panorama 2018 Prize structure....and still PanTrinbago put out a disclaimer via Claude Gonzales that this 'nobody' is up to no good.....doing something that they should have always done...keeping pan players, administrators, and leaders alert and well informed.

Claude, who want to engage this 'nobody' in Jackass talk about race.....please be advised, doh parang de wrong house....  

I certainly hope that when the Minister of Culture enunciates what exactly is the Cabinet approved budget for Carnival,...everyone, you most of all Claude, will know where exactly green wheat and barley grows.

Until then, I am constrained to simmer and cool it and let the Minister talk....guided by the budget references, vetted by PTB & confirmed by the Financial Controller of NCC, dealing as it comes into the fullness of her light... Peace my brother

Constitutions differ, but the most commonly used AGM procedure for NGO's is:

After presentations of reports the Executive Committee is dissolved.

A temporary chairman is elected to conduct and oversee  the elections of new executive officers.

New executive takes over.

Is that the PT way?

It is rather disheartening to read of Aquil's frustration with matters over which he seems to have no control (or are there ways in which he can have the burning issues that he relates addressed?). I firmly believe that this extremely talented young man's intentions are noble, and that he is committed to improving the conditions, and the environment under which Panmen are required to function and operate. I also believe that his desire may very well be to create the vehicle for taking the movement forward, to transform THE TADPOLE into THE FROG.

I strongly suspect that the constitution OF PAN TRINBAGO to which Aquil refers, and quotes may also give sweeping powers to the president of Pan Trinbago, and those conditions may not have changed, or would they have been amended in any significant way since originally drafted and adopted. 

It begs the question, what quality of legal advice is Aquil receiving or soliciting? It begs the question, what level and quality of support is Aquil actually receiving from those who may be openly advocating support for the cause he so enthusiastically and vigorously promotes and advocates, while in principle, are not engaging in actions that would ensure success for that which he aggressively fights? Is it that Aquil is being used conveniently, played by some members of the steelband fraternity who want to have their cake and eat , black jacket/white jacket as we say in Trinidad and Tobago (Turncoats for the foreign used commentators. LMAO), while Aquil has to struggle for the survival of his band and his initiatives?

I would be inclined to suggest that Aquil, as an individual, if he so desires, and if he has made a decision to hang in there for the long haul, for the betterment of the entire movement, like George Goddard, and not like some of the selfish people he looks up to, who are in it only for themselves, to seek out the best legal constitutional advice available, as it appears that The CIP may not be doing that, or have they done that.

It may be useful to seek expert professional opinion in an effort to identify the sections of Pan Trinbago's constitution that are being manipulated to the advantage of the sitting executive, and how these actions may be in contravention of the laws of the state, as Pan Trinbago's constitution must be interpreted within the ambit on what is lawful and permissible under the constitution of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

I would sincerely hope that the members of the local steelband fraternity who would be likely to benefit most, from the changes Aquil so desperately pursues would have been directing him in this direction. As I would have stated sometime earlier, although it is evident that he lacks respect for me, it is also expressly evident, to me, that there are members of the local steelband fraternity who commands his respect, but he is not a recipient of the benefit of their best advice.

Steelbands in Trinidad and Tobago are literally like "Crabs in a Barrel", and if you do not possess the strength (or lucky to get the assistance) to climb out of that barrel by pulling down, and climbing on the backs of the other crabs, you will remain in the barrel to be eaten in the next callaloo or crab and dumplings.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

I was really starting to wander if any on would continue the discussion on the blatant disregard of the constitution by the executive. To me, this is no small matter.


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