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I don't know, I'm not a judge. But the proof is in the pudding, it seems.

At any rate this might all be moot because we don't know if this is even Phase II's tune of choice.

Well if this is the trend, it will be a game changer.  This will impact marketing the music and attracting players.


You have to do something to stay relevant, and if that tradeoff of musical sophistication of a pan song for the popularity of soca is rewarded just once, of course that opens the floodgates. Look at New York: in 2012 a popular song won and after that the pan song became instantly passe as tune of choice. 

Cecil, this will be the second time while Boogsie was here, Phase 11 first panorama in 1973, they played Sparrow's Mas In May. They also went with Holman's compositions in 1994/95 -- Panic / Jam It with You. Boogsie was in the USA facing issues for those two years.

Thanks Oswald, Noah also reminded me of 94/95. There is no doubt that Sharpe will put down some serious music but as the young people would say, he has his own brand, he has to build his own brand.

Cecil, in the early days, Boogsie did "Mas in May" a Sparrow tune that they went panorama with. So this is not the first for Phase. I see Oswald did the correction already.

while reading your contribution, before reaching even half way, my mind just went on the hook and there at the end I collided with your thoughts, the hook is contagious, after hearing it 3 times I started to hum over and over long after. Let's wait.

We all agree that panorama is not about good music, an arranger could go with Mary had a little lamb and win with an exciting arrangement, All Stars always win because of excitement, spectator response is what the judges look for. Boogsie became like Ray and Andy. Zanda also have the correct mix.

Nobody said it isn't about good music. But at this point you've won half the battle if you play something people know. So playing a good arrangement of music that's popular is the best formula--playing for both the grand stand and the north stand if you will.

This might technically be a "new trend", but it's really a recycle of an old practice.

Steelbands ALWAYS used to play popular tunes for Panorama back in the day.  I won't bother to go into the number of steelbands that played the road march winning selection as their panorama piece....especially in the 60's and 70's.  Can't get much more popular than the road march.

Ray Holman veered away that practice with this Pan on the Move in 1972.  He was the first arranger to get a major panorama band to play an "own tune".  He and Starlift literally get fight down for that.  As in many other revolutionary actions, own tune...which evolved to "pan tune" became the norm.  Now what is old is new again.  We back to panorama bands playing popular tunes.  

Is the cycle of life on display in every sphere.

This is the SONG that I consider to be the FIRST SOCA SONG ... all things considered!!!


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