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So, WIADCA is into serious disrespectful comedy - with the joke on the New York Pan Community

A post from Panist Jahlani Roberts

Dear Panorama Junkies, 
I emailed WIADCA. Happy Reading. Happy Rama 2k17

Once again, in reference to the the above email regarding payments please referring to the band leader for the band you played and the President to the Steelband Association Martin Douglas.

The organization is quite aware of the sacrifice that the pan men put in to ensure that they are ready for the Panorama competition every year. What you may not be aware that the Panorama competition cost the organization approximately $90,000.00 in prize not including the stage that has to be built to support the weight of the steel and all the additional expenses which includes but not limited to insurance, light, sound, venue, security etc.

Contrary, to belief the the organization does not make money /profit over the Labor Day weekend. It's because of the love for the culture we continue to put on the presentation year after year. For the past few years we have been struggling with the bands for 1 main reason, wristbands are issued to the bands to be worn by their players giving them access to the museum grounds, how can we pay our prizes early when we have bands who sell and/or give away those bands to friends, family etc.

The Labor Day weekend of events and the parade itself is not funded by the government which means we have to depend on tickets sales and sponsorship to offset out expenses both of which is a constant struggle.

Once again please contact your bandleader and /or contrary, president of the Steelband association.

Angela Sealy

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Go and come again with something better than players giving away their wristbands.

It all boils down to the "wrist bands". E.O.S.

It looks like these people will make jail before Rolly Polly.
It's time to write the sponsors and the Governor of New York on this abuse of young people. This might be worst than stealing the children Christmas money.


bugs: Ah man (a Russian Spy) send me a picture of you SELLING WRISTBANDS at the entrance to the PANORAMA. I am submitting it into evidence ... it looks as if YOU and ROLLY POLLY will be sleeping in the SAME CELL in CLUB JAIL.

You have been celebrating too much.
What the picture shows is a man with a King James jersey handing out hand-cuffs and shackles for the immediate arrest of WIADCA officials.


Different countries, same caca de toro.

If that's the case just let the steelband come on the road for J'ouvert and play their panorama tune. judge them on the road.


They will not make money at the Bar.

The virus of the movements continues to spread. What a bunch of crap, at least Pan Trinbago has someone who can read and spell. Are these folks fuh real? Scuse my spelling, eh?

... however, Mr. Ramdoo, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, in the final analysis -- THERE WILL BE A PANORAMA and everybody will be ECSTATIC and tripping over themselves by the magical steelband performances and musical creativity of the arrangers at this MAIN EVENT.

Yes sir, you got it!


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