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The Battle for 14-17 park Street, Port of Spain Part VI. The Special Convention. [Episode 2]

Having read the Boodoosingh judgement shared by Mr Lindsay in its entirety, it was clear to the passive observer at the onset, that the subsequent action embarked on by the reinstated president was unconstitutional. The full support of the chairman of the CIP, may be unmistakably considered a display of ignorance and naivety (dotishness), as is evidenced by his publication of a discourse in misinformation that he obviously did not write, and certainly did not understand, when he posted the discussion,

What really happened in the court case: Pan Trinbago against Keith ...

on May 6, 2018 at 1:59pm in News. 

The contributor wrote, as he was given to write

"Photo’s lawyer, Mr Scoon, brought several arguments as to why the decision of the general membership should be reversed. Those being:

  1. We did not meet the 60% requirement.
  2. Photo did not sign the notice.
  3. We cannot use an extraordinary general meeting to remove officers.
  4. Members did not get a 28-day notice
  5. Photo’s crew did not get a chance to defend themselves before judgment.
  6. We should have used the disciplinary measures in the constitution to discipline the officers.

Senior council Gilkes who represented Mr Diaz, in my opinion, destroyed all the arguments presented by Photo’s lawyer. However, in the judgement on Friday, which was only to determine if the case was an arguable one, the judge in his wisdom thought that the argument

  1. We did not meet the 60% requirement,is the only thing that could be an arguable factor.

He ruled that until he made a decision on that, things would be returned to the status quo as it is normal practice to do so. Based on the direction and the circumstances of the case, the judge is suggesting that the membership use the Special Convention to have an early election. He thinks that we should come to an agreement before the following Friday in the best interest of the organization. The membership has already agreed that they want to go in that direction so let us see whose interest photo’s crew care about."

Look at what the chairman of the CIP is given to write: 

"Senior council Gilkes who represented Mr Diaz, in my opinion, destroyed all the arguments presented by Photo’s lawyer."

In your opinion sir? Really?

This gentleman and the group he represents, may have further demonstrated their inability to effectively administer or manage anything, while, not unlike those they vehemently oppose (The Secretary+Crew), and lately stoutly support (The President+), are publicly and unwittingly displaying their capacity to deliberately mislead uninformed members of the steelband fraternity, who out of necessity, and quite likely, as a result of inherent non-transparent and undemocratic practices within the organizations from which originate and represent, must rely heavily on the meager seasonal assistance, and handouts they receive (which is usually summarily misappropriated) for their support of corrupt officials, and by extension their agendas.

Two days ago in the discussion: 

The Battle for 14-17 park Street, Port of Spain Part VI. The Specia... 

I wrote the following,

" I want to encourage delegates of steelbands planning to attend tomorrow's illegal  special convention to boycott this meeting, and reject it's unconstitutionality, as any decisions taken here will again be voided by a court of law."

  • Thursday evening will be revealing. (it was)
  • Friday will be a day of reckoning. (It is)
  • The weekend should be exciting for steel bands. (tune in to i955fm)

As the battle for 14-17 Park Street, Port of Spain rages, the cracks in both trenches are widening, cracks that can destroy the infrastructure designed to support the growth of the movement. The outcome may have its advantages and disadvantages, as "structure" in individual steelbands is what will withstand the 'Izod" test of time.

Struggling steelband leaders with the approval of their membership, who actually comprise the majority of any developing community, or of the arts for that matter, must recognize that the ultimate success of their performances (not musically), depends on their immediate, outright and total rejection of all the recycled actors showing up for auditions. They must of necessity, if any measurable progress could be recorded in the short to medium term, set about to recruit a total new cast of fresh talent, uninhibited by their actions of the past, but encouraged, supported and directed where necessary by willing and available experience.

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It was surprising to me that THE CIP MEMBERS saw daylight and a THREE QUARTER FULL GLASS after reading THAT JUDGEMENT. But men will always construe things in their own fashion -- clean from the purpose of the things themselves.

Look at the "TRUMP RACISM" in AMERICA TODAY!!! So simple on the surface ... but so complex in its comprehension!!!

Claude...this action by the CIP and co in announcing Thursday's unconstitutional meeting reminds me of a story a pardner tell meh. He say when he was a lil fella...thre years or so old...He was playing with a hairpin and decided to stick it in a live socket...Bam he get shock!...My boy say he just couldn't believe it...He do it again!!...

These disturbing images, showing deplorable behavior captured on film is expressly unacceptable from anyone who purports to represent, and/or speak on behalf of the rank and file of panman in every panyard in every nook & cranny, alley, hole, back ah yard, pan theatre, empty lot etc., anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago. Expressly reprehensible of individuals attempting to offer themselves, and those they promote as an alternative quality of representation from 14-17 Park Street, Port of Spain, The World Governing Body of Pan. 

I want to encourage the gentlemen captured in the attached photographs to desist from acting in a manner that is unacceptable in civilized societies for conflict resolution. Especially in public, and at an event highlighting the national instrument. I want to reprimand the leaders of the aggression captured here for giving a flawed image of Panmen to the world, and call on Panmen to demand an apology of them to the victim, as this behavior sends the wrong message, one of lawlessness, and the disregard for the rule of law, one that is not representative of the behavioral pattern of the majority of decent panmen, whom these persons captured in still photography purport to represent. 

Who were these individuals representing when they were captured on film:

  • Themselves?
  • Pressure Groups?
  • Regions?
  • A Sponsored Steelband?
  • An Unsponsored Steelband?
  • A Member organization?

In an industry where survival in the top flight is heavily, if not solely dependent on revenue derived from sponsorship, it is absolute necessary that individuals and organizations, and individuals who represent organizations who are recipients of revenue derived from sponsorship, endorsements, agreements and/or arrangements with state and/or private corporate entities, conduct themselves in a manner that would promote the image of their state/private corporate partner, and not bring them into disrepute. 

"Sense make before book".

Mr Providence

It's quite easy for some people (especially the uninformed) to quickly judge another person.

The person in the picture gesturing at the attorney is myself,what was I saying to the attorney at that moment? I was questioning him about the costly document (paid for with pan money) I had in my hands (the first restraining order,which cited the date May ? 2015) to appear before the judge,if the restraining order was broken......subsequently someone (plaintiff side) may have realized that the year was wrong,and they reapplied for another costly document (again with panmen money)....This one had May ? 2018..

I also questioned his ethics in representing five individuals as being PanTrinbago.....it would have been interesting to see pics of his actions before this picture was taken.

On these pages,I cannot be detained by problem seers .....because the market is extremely over saturated with persons of that ilk.......My job is problem solving and that's where I entertain persons with problems and the means to pay for me to take away their headaches.

An arranger of an Executive member's band threatened to send gunmen at a couple CIP men,myself included.....I listened quietly to youngster,because I understood how he was being manipulated....he may have been given the arrangers job,because of his history (not music)......so when persons come on these pages and throw dey pea size pebbles......water on dasheen leaf.

3 Canal would say,Talk yuh Talk.


Dear Mr. Alexander,

with all due respect, in de real life, we is bredrin inno. However, in this politics, we are not seeing eye to eye, on many issues, and we would have to agree to disagree on the issues we debate at present sir.

Now as ah big man, tell me what useful purpose the following statement taken from your reply serves"

"I also questioned his ethics in representing five individuals as being Pan Trinbago".

  1. People does ask lawyers dem question?
  2. You ever hear a judge ask a lawyer that question, and is judges who does adjudicate on matters before the court.
  3. Lawyer does accept briefs, or base dey arguments in matters before the courts on ethics, or on legality, commonality of a proposed class action, or constitutionality as in this case among other parameters?
  4. Did you question the senior counsel representing The president on his ethics?

This forum is ah big man forum inno sir, and unlike other people, I take what is exchanged here seriously.

You wrote;

"An arranger of an Executive member's band threatened to send gunmen at a couple CIP men,myself included...".

  • Did you and the others who were threatened report the matter to the the police sir?
  • Are you in receipt of acknowledgement of the report you lodged at a police station?

You say that your job is problem solving, considering the challenges associated with solving problems plaguing struggling small steelbands 

  • how do you propose to solve the problems that plague the governing body, foremost of which is it's insolvency, an issue which you boldly highlight?   

I am simply saying sir, that if you voluntarily come forward as a representative of people, it is absolutely necessary that you deport yourself in an acceptable manner at all times. The issues that are before the courts, the cost of which you express so much concern, cannot be resolved in the manner you are describing. The issues affecting Pan Trinbago cannot be resolved through the back door illegally as you have twice attempted. You cannot earn my support by "spinning top in mud" and continually attempting to explain the inexplicable with gibberish.

It may be helpful to examine the quality of the legal advice you are currently receiving! 


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